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I found myself going to a few different sites and digging through links to find list of different crafting resources.  What rare did I need to make a lvl 54 spell?  What materials do I need for a lvl 60 adornment?  How about the fuel?  And what is this sparkling foundation I just harvested?

What started out as a google sheet for rare harvests to share with a few friends that were new to the game, I’ve added everything I can think of that are not highly specialized crafting materials (and maybe that will come later).  You’ll find:

  • Rares
  • Spellshard/Foundations
  • Imbuing Materials
  • Dusts
  • Adorning Mats (transmuted and harvested)
  • Reactants
  • Fuels
  • Holiday Harvests – New!

Tradeskill Resources


Hope you find it useful!

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Shipwrecked is a fun new quest series starring Raffik.  Raffik is a cute little Ratonga with big dreams of being a pirate.

This series follows Raffik with quests from  lvl 5 all the way to lvl 100.  You will get an in-game mail with each new installment.

You can find the write up at EQ2Traders.

If you are already 100, you can do the questline in about an hour or so (depending on how distracted you get, I had to stop and watch some TV and eat lunch, then play with my iPad…)  I’ve summed up your shopping list so you can get it all together in one fell swoop (it’s time consuming getting that many raws and fuels together!)  Be sure to also pay attention to where you are going next.  To get the in game mail for the next quest you’ll need to zone somehow – either zone to where you will be meeting Raffik next, or camp to your self.  You can also go to the Isle of Mara and speak to a guy who will give you the mail.  I found it a lot easier to just zone into the next zone.


2 electrum cluster
2 tuber strand
2 rough turquoise

1 Belladonna root
1 boiled leather pelt
1 Gold Cluster
2 sparkling filament

2 lapis lazuli fragments
1 basic coal

1 velium cluster
1 rough opaline
1 feyiron cluster
1 Glimmering Coal

5 soluble loam
5 beryllium cluster
5 succulent root
25 Lambent Coal

1 squash
5 aviak meat
5 ravasect meat
1 Scintillating Candle

1 raw cranberry
1 lichenclover root
1 Cabilis cocoa bean
1 Smoldering Candle

1 Marr cherry
1 lapsang tea leaf
1 caynar nut
1 Ethereal Candle

1 plump lychee
2 matoppie roots
1 aduki bean
1 Ethereal Candle

1 hylocereus fruit
1 sulfur fruit
2 wild flameflower
1 Effulgent Candle


And here are the rewards –  plus you can hire Raffik as your mercenary!  These are pretty cool items.  I have not tried any of them out. But the descriptions sound interesting.   They are a bit on the expensive side.  Each one takes 10 amalgamations – which are made with 200 common harvests (any of the correct tier will do), water, and 5 fuel.  I highly suggest you use Mass Production!


Harvester’s Balm Coldain Cure-all Charm of Expertise
Blessing of the Prime Henchman Adornment Pack Globe of Homecoming
Brew of Readiness Potion of Nimble Fingers Mutagenic Essence


Click for a bigger picture that you can actually read!

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Crafting House

EQ2, as a game, has a lot of depth.  One place where it really shines is tradeskills.  You can have toons that do nothing but tradeskills and have a full game.  There are tradeskill quests for every tier – some are better than others – and there are even signature lines as well as a tradeskill “epic” – plus daily and weekly quests you can do.  You can dive into the market and sell your wares, or work on decorating homes and dungeons – or both!

And there is no end to where you can craft.  You can go into a tradeskill society in each city and craft in the basement – or visit one of the many crafting stations throughout the cities, or Isle of Mara.  You can craft in your guild hall, your own home, or with portable stations and Prestige Stations, you can craft anywhere in the world.


My army of apprentices ready to research

But this post is about setting up your own crafting house.  A crafting house has several advantages – first, it’s your own space, decorated the way you want – surround yourself with the things you love.  You can put various amenities in your home to make crafting easier.  And it’s the only place you can put a tradeskill apprentice – so what better place to make your crafting hub.  You’ll have everything you need to not only do quests, encourage your apprentice, but also to craft amazing things for yourself or others.


Here’s what you need:


A place to call home

I suggest either a prestige home or a free home from an LON card if you can get one.  You can then place portals in your other homes and easily get to and from your crafting house, plus you never have to worry if the rent is paid.  But any player house will do – I use EQ2 Design Gallery to help me find just the right house when I’m in the real estate market.  It’s an up to date site with all the houses with pictures, item counts, how to obtain, etc.  Great site!

Tradeskill Apprentices

These NPC will reside in your home and provide additional recipes that they will research for you.  There is also a daily quest that gives you a chance at a variety of potions, harvests, and other tradeskill items – I like to call this playing the lottery – as you just never know what you are going to get.  They also give a little AA xp.  Read all about them at Zam’s.


Crafting Stations

I don’t do regular crafting in my house – I do that in the guild hall.  If you want to make stuff to sell,  you’ll need Elaborate work stations.  But if you just want to make the sturdy equipment for your apprentices, the Simple table will be good enough.  It’s a lot cheaper and faster.  The tradeskill stations can be purchased from city merchants and cost gold, status and you must have a good amount of tradeskill faction.  I would go with the simple stations if you have a guild hall with crafting stations available.

Crafting Stations

Crafting Stations

  • Forge
  • Woodworking Table
  • Sewing Table
  • Work Bench (optional – good for leveling tinkering)
  • Frostfell Stations (optional – I mean, who doesn’t want frostfell stations???)


  • Personal Fuel Depot
    • Place the following fuels for each tier  you’ll be working in
      • coal
      • filament
      • sandpaper
  • Large Personal Harvest Depot – just go straight to the large one, that way you can put whatever you want in it.
    • Place the following harvests for each tier you’ll be working in
      • pelts
      • roots
      • ore
      • lumber


  • Guild Hall Door – purchased with status from city merchants – useful for hoping back and forth to your guild hall
  • Portals to other Houses  you may own
  • Crafting Buffs – several items will give you a buff to help with  your crafting.



  • Read about “Hot Bar Crafting” for some info on putting recipes on  your hotbar.
  • You can search for “Sturdy” in  your recipe book to bring up the apprentice items you need to keep replacing
  • You can create as many “Sturdy” items as you want – put them in your house vault and the quest will pull them from the bank vault automagically
  • You can dress up your tradeskill apprentices any way you want – they come with their own mannequin.
  • Create a recipe filter to find all those recipes you are researching






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Hot Bar Crafting

I may be late to the party, but just in case others are, here is my super duper crafting tip of the day (I do these like every 3,489 days, so don’t expect one tomorrow).

You can drag recipes from your recipe book right to your hot bar.  Then you just have to click the icon near the crafting station and it’s all right there waiting for you.  No more typing!




Here are two of my crafting hot bars – as you can see the one with the recipes on the top just has the three daily quests from the Cardin Ward (I just figured this out yesterday!).  I’m sure I’ll fill it up before too long with recipes I craft every day.  Wait.  That would mean I craft every day.  Sorry.    The second bar is mostly the prestige crafting stations.  I get these on all my crafting girls so I don’t have to carry around portable stations and I don’t have to hop back to the guild hall.  I also put some other “crafty” type abilities on this hot bar – transmuting, gathering goblin and pony, track shinies (that is all you use it for, right?) and that looks like a Jin’tu leaf.  I’m sure I used it once.

In other crafting tips (yeah, I should save this for 3, 489 days from now, but I’m feeling generous), here is a list of stuff you need if you are as lazy as I am.  These supplies will allow you to craft all the daily/weekly quests that reward you with Etyma’s as well as craft the “Sturdy” items your apprentice might need (at lvl 95).

Keep in  your inventoryEQ2_000128


  • plump lychee
  • ripe mangosteen
  • white peony tea leaf
  • matoppie root
  • thick bear pelt
  • amethyst
  • rhenium ore
  • iridium cluster


  • effulgent coal
  • effulgent filament
  • effulgent kindling
  • effulgent incense

Keep in a Depot in a crafting house

You do have a crafting house, right?


  • Thick bear pelt
  • matoppie roots
  • rhenium ore
  • swamp ash lumber


  • effulgent coal
  • effulgent filament
  • effulgent sandpaper


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The Fizzletoes Fixer Uppers

That’s a mouthful!

I’ve always been intrigued by housing in EQ2.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the skills for it.  No matter how I try to place something, it comes out… wrong.  It sticks out, up, over…  Just wrong.  In the early days I had a couple of friends that loved decorating and did a few houses for me.  They did terrific work!  But my “main” has changed many times over the years – so I have a whole set of toons without a home.  I recently got in contact with a decorator on Butcherblock, and hopefully my little fixer uppers will be all fixed up soon.

She’s going to tackle Caela’s house first.  It’s probably the easiest.  It was decorated long ago by a friend, and while it certainly looks acceptable (and, well, really great compared to some of my other places) it needs a little refresher.  Some sprucing up.

I’m going to post some before pictures and later when it’s done, I’ll post some after pictures.  Just like on TV!








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Caely the Wonder Warlock!

EQ2_000115Ok, she’s not that wonderful.  I have no idea how she does on a parse.  I’m sure her DPS is not that great.  But I took a screen shot of her in all her gnome glory.


I think I’ll try to work on her some more.  I went through some of her gear, and she’s now mostly in potent gear – still needs new pants.  Who doesn’t need new pants?  But she also needs a bunch of gems for her gear – and adornments.  I do have close to 300 Etymas (I know, some you have thousands, but I took 4 months off from playing, and still am really not doing anything to get etymas beside the daily tradeskill quest).

So – take a look at Caely!


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Guild Night is Back!

Had so much fun last night with the guild.  We decided Wednesday was a good time for us all to get together and do some mass killing.  We pre-arranged to all be on at 7-ish.  Around 6:30 I tried to log on and the servers were down.  But luckily they came up before 7 and sure enough we had enough for a group on by 7.

We decided to hit Halls of the Betrayer in ToV.  I took out my wizlock (I’ve been contemplating betraying her back to a wizard) for a whirl…  So the DPS was probably pretty low last night.  I did not run ACT – I didn’t want to get depressed :)  But we managed through the zone mostly fine.

I noticed some changes I”m going to have to read up on – I got my etyma’s, and I think two crates – then it gave me a choice of crates for different types of armor (which is nice if I was getting gear for an alt).  I don’t think I actually got anything out of the other crates though.  I’m just not really sure what I got.

Playing the warlock was fun – I may try her out a little more before I decide to switch back to wizard.   I’m definitely going to have to go back to warlock school 😉  I made the mobs poof once – they did come back, but the tank was all “where did my mobs go?” and I was all like “ooops…”

But more than just killing mobs and taking their stuff, I got to hang out with my friends.  It was a great night of killing and visiting and I really hope we can start doing it more regularly.  I will settle for every Wednesday, but if we could get another day or two in there as well would be even better!

During our guild night we talked about Vegas – we are not going to have too much overlap time – but it will be fun what time we have.  I’m really looking forward to going to Las Vegas and spending some time with my husband and seeing the sites.  And now it’s really going to happen – as I booked our non-refundable airline tickets yesterday on Southwest.  I got a really good deal – just $202 each round trip, and that includes two checked bags each.  I told hubby we needed to get a new suitcase.  We’ve been using duffle bags from sports tournaments for years.  We did get one set of luggage a couple of years ago but the kids have taken a few pieces and it’s not enough for both of us for 8 days.



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SOE Live Bound!

I’m pretty excited about August.  I know, it’s hot.  And it’s even hotter in Vegas – but for the first time ever, we’re going to SOE Live.  [IMG]


Looking at the attendees so far, I see lots of familiar names – and AoV is really representing this year!  Very excited to get to meet these folks “in real life”.


While in Vegas, we plan to extend our trip – flying in on the Tuesday before, and leaving the Tuesday after.  It’s much cheaper to fly on Tuesdays :) – go figure.  We have not nailed down our itinerary completely – but this is our first vacation without kids since there were kids.  So we are really looking forward to a bit of alone time and lots of sightseeing since we don’t get out much.

On the agenda for Vegas is the Cirque du Soleil show Love and hopefully a trip to Hoover Dam.  We’ll be pretty busy during the actual event but I’m sure before and after we’ll have time to see all the sights – I’m just not sure what sights to see.  I’ve spent a ton of time over at TripAdvisor putting together a trip and getting ideas. 

If you haven’t registered for SOE Live yet, better hurry – the early bird discount ends on Monday.



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Sneaking back in, the return of the gnome

Or the Rat…

I’ve pretty much taken off the past 4 months from the game.  I’m not entirely sure why – but just felt I needed a break.   And apparently I wasn’t the only one that decided to take a break – seems the entire server population took a hit.

But for the past few weeks I’ve been wanting to come back and play regularly.  My hubby even said I needed to play *something*.

Recently our guild leader asked about a guild group night – so hopefully we’ll get that going soon.  And many in our guild are going to SOE Live.  I think I’m getting excited about playing again!

And hopefully a little more blog love will be happening :)



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The Parse Project

I’ve got a secret.  No matter what anyone says, mages like to top the parse.  That’s why you make a wizard, warlock, conjuror or necro.  And scouts do as well.  Don’t let those Rangers fool you….

So, I’ve been trying for a long time to be able to post parses on the site.  Pretty much the only way I could get it to work reasonably cool looking was to set up Joomla and install the ACT Parser.

I’ve been trying for a while with little success – until this weekend.  First – I downgraded Joomla to 2.5.  Probably should have gone all the way to 1.7.  But what’s done is done.  Then I was able to install the ACT Parser.  I also had to download the MySQL ODBC 3.51 driver – as the most current was no bueno.  After that it was just a matter of finding a decent theme and getting it all to display.  Now I’m not that great with Joomla, as I’ve only used it a little bit – but I think I have it working ok.  Take a look – The Parse Project.  I hope to be able to some how embed the parses into a blog post – but I’m not holding my breath.  I’ll be happy to just link to one.


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