1/19 Patch Notes

We have a bonus hot fix this week!

Update Notes: Thursday, January 19, 2011


I suppose all the stuff that was fixed is a good thing, but I’m particularly interested in:



The Tradeskill Apprentice Daily quest will now only take 1 of the required quest item instead of every item of that type in your inventory.

Tradeskill Apprentice Daily quest reward potions are now Heirloom instead of No Trade.


I recently learned that you can make a bunch of the tradeskill quest items ahead of time, and then you don’t have to craft them each time you get the quest – but before today’s patch, the apprentice was a bit greedy and took them all.  So, now they will only take the one item.  Really, what are they doing with 6 sturdy aprons anyway?  And somehow, I wonder how sturdy they are if the apprentice keeps wearing them out after a few days.

But pre-making the items is a big help for those that don’t craft in their home.  Make a bunch of each, then you don’t have to zone a zillion times.

But crafting in your home is the bomb!  I’m not much of one to grind out faction (I still have nightmares doing the bathizid faction before they increased it back in the day), but I managed to get crafting stations through my adventurer faction.  They aren’t cheap – 30K faction with your home faction (which is easy for adventurers, but daunting for crafters) plus 400K SP and 87gold (and some change).  Each.  You’ll need a woodworking table, a loom, and a forge.  And a tinkered harvest depot – which costs a few rares.  And then stock your bags with the appropriate fuel.  I now have crafters that never leave the house.  I hope Fleabaux doesn’t mind – they are all crashing at her place.

And the next goodie is the quest reward potions are now Heirloom.  My lvl 90’s don’t need those potions, but Caely and Jumjumm sure do!  I’m glad the devs listened.  (Wait – they listened??? /happy dance)


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