A Tale of Two Games

Ok, really it’s a tale of no game.  I haven’t been playing either GW2 or EQ2 in much quantity lately.

I did log into EQ2 last weekend – Saturday I believe.  I got my purple unicorn – and it is snazzy.

When I logged on there was a guild member needing help – there were a few others on as well.  He needed 2 tanks, a healer and dps.  As a warlock, I offered up my DPS services.  After about a half hour, the group apparently formed without me.  Oh well.

I then headed over to GW2, and had a fairly fun evening of playing my new mesmer.  Hubby made a mesmer as well.  I also was able to get the daily done.

The daily achievements are much easier to accomplish in lower level zones.  We had no shortage of events to do – but did struggle with the kill variety.  And I purposefully didn’t do the gathering so that I could do that on my higher level elementalist and get the bigger reward for completion.  We did end up hopping over to our mains to finish up the kill variety and do the gathering and get 4 silver instead of 40 copper.

But I haven’t had a chance to log on since Saturday.  And given the choice at this point, I’ll probably pick GW2 over EQ2 just because of the snub factor.


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