A Toon of a Different Tune

I want you to meet Caelila.  She’s my “newest” toon.  She’s really  not all that new.  Back in 2009 I started playing on Nagafen, the PvP server.  Now, normally I would never play PvP – but I had a group of friends that were on that server that had created their own guild…  Noob Herd.  At that time you could not transfer toons on or off the PvP server, so I had to start over.  I made a dirge.  Her name was Caely.  She was cute.  Of course, she was a gnome.  That dirge was the only melee class I had ever tried to play – and the group needed a dirge, so I pretty much just stood there and looked pretty.  Very pretty.  Then, when the Free to  Play “Extended” server Freeport was created, I *copied* her to that server – I think she ended up being named Caeli.  I figured that was a good way to get off the PvP server.  I didn’t play her a whole lot – she was mostly used to farm status to level the guild up.  I remember many a session of following people around as we did writs in Stonebrunt Highlands.  Over and over and over and over again.  Of course that dirge AoE came in really handy 🙂

When I moved back to Butcherblock in January of 2012, I transferred the dirge that was on Freeport to Butcherblock.   That still left a lvl 90 dirge on Nagafen.  And somewhere in there server transfers were permitted to/from the PvP server.  After the invention of Battlegrounds, there really wasn’t a reason to not allow transfers.

So, I spent the weekend getting her transferred over – and stripping all the other toons over there (not many, and most were copied over to Freeport and then transferred to Butcherblock, so not much reason to transfer them).  I got about 8 bags of transmutables and a few rares, and about 100 plat out of the deal.

I then set about betraying her.  At one point or another I have betrayed several toons.  My original “main” Fleabaux was a toon I had originally created just so I could do the betrayal quest with my  hubby.  So it’s nice to have a little Qeynosian Ratonga – something different.  The first time I betrayed though I was a gnome shaman that became a mystic.  I have never liked the mystic class, so she doesn’t get played – though I think she’s still around.  Even my current wizard started out life as a warlock and was betrayed.

I had dreaded the process, but it was not as bad as I had remembered.  Maybe because I’m lvl 90.  I did the Captain’s Ring 12 times to get the faction.  It wasn’t bad at all.  I was able to do it all in one day.  Even me.  The slacker.

So now I have a lvl 90 troubador.  She’s lacking on some AA, and I’ll probably wait until a double xp weekend to grind that out.  But I’m hoping a troubador will be fun.  They sing happy songs – right?

The only problem I really have with bringing her over is that she is now my 4th provisioner.  I have 2 90+ provisioners (the Febi’s), and the original dirge is a provisioner – lvl 50ish.  I saw no reason to have a 4th, so I reset her tradeskill class.  I’m in no hurry to get that up – maybe make her a Sage – I don’t have one of those.

And then there is gear.  When you betray you are able to buy your mythical weapon – so she now has the troubador myth – but I couldn’t get my Hoo’loh class hat.  I’m stuck with an unwearable dirge version.  Would be nice if you could go talk to that old bird and get it exchanged – but I’ve heard the only way is to ask a GM to reset your quest so that  you can do it again.  And no way I’m doing that quest again – it put the ass in long ass quest!  I’m sure I’ll find something cute in the marketplace to take it’s place.  Or maybe some other class hat piece will look good.  Right now, she has no hat at all – the rest of her gear was usable – but not the hat piece.



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