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While I’m probably not the typical MMO player, there are probably more in my demographic than you think.

My real name is Tami.  But I’ve always used some form of Caela for my MMORPG toons.  I’ll answer to either one though – and most of my online friends just go ahead and call me by my real name, and that’s cool.

I’m a {cough}fortysomething{cough} wife, mother of three, and full time employee of Corporate America.  I’m also a volunteer of a  youth sports league, cancer survivor, and tech support for my family.

Most of my “real life” friends (as opposed to all the strangers on the internet that are my friends) have no idea I play EQ2.  But I’ve been playing the EQ franchise since 1999.  Hubby is currently obsessed with GW2 and goes by various versions of Razmus.  He has his own rarely updated blog @GamerRazmus.

We’ve  been married for 25  years, and have three daughters – two in college, and one in high school.  We are huge high school football fans.   We’ve missed only one game in the past six years of our local high school.  I’ve added up some 65 games I believe.  Every Friday night during the fall you can find me at the football game, wearing my “Dragon Wear”, complete with loud cowbell ringing.  I enjoy ever aspect of “Friday Night Lights” – the run through sign, cheering on the team,  the marching band (of which my daughters are members), and the school song at the end.  I’m not sure what we’ll do when they are all out of school – I imagine I’ll still be in the stands ringing the cowbell.

In my spare time I like to sleep.  That’s about all the time I have.  I’m out of house for at least 12 hours a day working, then usually have something going on at night – youth sports of some sort usually.  I wish I was a little more interesting 🙂

In 1999 we started playing EQ – I had a gnome magician named Caela.  My husband had a halfling druid named Mican.  We had a great time in EQ.  We joined a guild and made friends, that we are still friends with today.

We started EQ2 at launch in 2004, and played fairly solidly ever since – taking only a few breaks here and there.  We  play on the Butcherblock server – though I’ve had times that I’ve played on Nagafen (PvP) and Freeport (EQ2X at the time).  I’ve recently moved all my toons back to Butcherblock.

Caela – lvl 65 gnome Warlock – my first toon.  She’s an “old soul” – having been born on Nov 10, 2004.  Yeah, not exactly launch day.   Wanna know

why?  The ONLY time our ISP had ever gone down was on Nov 9, 2004 – just as EQ2 was launching.  We stayed up all night waiting for our internet to start working again so that we could log in, create our toons, and play.  I think it was around 3am before that actually happened.    Caela doesn’t have many AA, though she’s recently gotten a little boost.  I don’t really play her much any more, but every time I do, I remember how much fun playing a Warlock is.

Febbi – originally named Febi, but had to change it with the server hoping.  Lvl 95 provisioner – pure tradeskiller.  Febbi was created shortly after launch when I realized I had made Caela a tailor and I wasn’t too fond of that profession.  At that time, there was no going back on your tradeskill class.  In EQ1, we had a full time trader named Febi to sell our stuff.  On EQ1, you had to set up shop in the Bazaar and remain online in order to sell. So we created a third account just for Febi.  When EQ2 was launched, it was much the same.  You could stay in your house though, but you had to be online.  So again, my little tradeskiller was going to also sell our wares.  During the early early days, I agreed to sell a master spell for 20g – this was a LOT of money back then.  I mistakenly listed it for 20s.  Oy!  Now I’m extra careful when listing things for sale.  Febbi has done almost all the tradeskill quests you can do.

Fleabeaux – Lvl 95 Ratonga Conjuror.  Flea is currently my main.  But when she was created, I had no intention of playing her.  We just

wanted to do the betrayal quest.     I didn’t spend much time on her character creation, and just took the first random generated name – which happened to be Fleabaux.  Through server hoping, her name has added the more proper eaux spelling.  She was able to raid the Kingdom of Sky raids.  Spent a lot of time staring at Taranax.  In fact, her pet was the designated sacrificial lamb for the pull.  She spent many years on the shelf while I played a wizard, but I’ve been playing her as my main now for about a year.  Recently I started raiding with her with the Butcherblock Guild Alliance.

Caelynn – lvl 90 gnome Dirge.  She’s had a lot of names during her short life.  In 2009 I had some friends playing on Nagafen – the PVP server.  I decided to make a toon over there to play with my friends.  She is all about appearances (well,  ok, most of my toons are).  She did some fleeting raiding in TSO and SF – really just a bit here and there as the guild she was in was not a raiding guild.  Another guild would let us go when they had room.  I don’t play her very much, but I’m  happy to bring her out when a group needs a dirge.  But really, she just stands there and looks pretty.  Don’t all dirges do that?

Caely – lvl 95 gnome Wizard Warlock – my former  “main” – she’s lots of fun.  Makes things go boom!  Caely was also born on Nagafen, as a warlock (then later betrayed to Wizard, then later betrayed to Warlock – don’t ask).  The goal was to power level her so we would have some DPS for groups.  But that didn’t really work out.  When we moved to Freeport I copied her over, and power her up to lvl 60 where she started raiding with our progression raid force.  She raided, T6, T7 and T8 zones, ultimately getting her mythical.  I had a great sense of accomplishment getting her mythical.  Caely loves the color purple!  Everything she does is purple related – right down to the purple flowers on her weapon!  I recently decided to betray her back to her original Warlock.  Only I really messed it up.  I became a good warlock.  I know, right?  Now I can’t do the whole diety of Bertoxxolous until I become evil again.  So, the plan is to do the Qeynos quest line, then betray yet again.  Poor girl is gonna have a complete identity crises.

JumJumm – lvl 24 halfling defiler.  Just playing around with her.  She’s taking her time.

Caelilly – lvl 95 Dark Elf Inquisitor.  Not sure what she’s doing, other than sulking.  Really.  Have you seen dark elves sulk?  I am trying to play her a bit – mostly guild groups when we do “easy” zones.

Caelila – She used to be Caelynn – stuck on Nagafen as a nekkid gnome, but on a whim I transferred her over to Butcherblock and betrayed her to a Troubador.  I’m getting really good at betraying.  She’s up to lvl 91 now.

And believe it or not, I have more toons.  I have a necro Caelia.  She level locked before you could level lock.  I would have to manually go in and turn off her xp – which mean she didn’t get AA either.  Instead of grats, I would get condolances if I accidentally dinged a level.  But she’s determined to do all quests on level.  She has done all original Heritage Quests on level.

So, that’s me in a nutshell.  Just your average frumpy mom that enjoys killing mobs and taking their stuff.




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