Adored part 2

I got all adored again today…  Err, I mean adorned. And I got me some good wizarding advice for Caely.

I upgraded much of my gear.  I’m in a good many pieces of Drunder Wear now and a few new jewelry pieces.  So I was missing a lot of adornments.  I added some white adornments – as shown here.  The blank slots already had adornments.  Some of which I got from quests.  They were not bad at all.  The City of Freeport quests give adornments based on your level and class.  I’ve gotten four  Pulsing Adornments of Intelligence.  I used these on some slots I would have gotten INT adornments anyway – like the Head slot – at +22 it’s between the Lesser and Greater and most important – FREE.  So, those City of Freeport quests, while eye gouging inducing after a while (well, at least for a non-solo player as myself), do have some decent rewards.    So all my white slots are filled with mostly Great adorns.

I do not have Yellow adornments though.  I need many more shards, and much more faction.  Faction sucks.  I currently have 6K in Othmir – need 10K.  I have -3K in Thurgadin – need 10K, and I have -35K in Ry’gorr – and yeah, I need 20K.  That sounds like loads of fun.  Faction sucks. Not to mention the shards – I need 50 just for the adornments – plus a ton for my last two pieces of Drunder Wear.

Then I respecced.  All 4 tabs – More or less it’s this spec.  I think I managed to move one or two more points to the Heroic tab.

Apparently SOE is having some issues – a good many of the guild couldn’t log in.  And the forums seem all sorts of messed up.  So it was a very quiet night in the guild.  Only about 3 of us on at any given time.  I took the opportunity to do the respec, adorning, and then ROSES!  Yes, I harvested some 200 roses in EL.  I love to harvest.  Really I do.  It’s a little mindless task.  You can do it while chatting, watching tv, or just zoning out.  At first I had a hard time – but then I adjusted my UI settings – made the particle effects render further away.  Let’s see…. Alt-O, Display, Particle Effects – then adjust the Near and Far rendering.  Made a HUGE difference.  Where there had been no roses – I could now see them far away.

I’m looking forward to the next group outing to see if Caely can do any better with DPS….  and give roses to my guild mates.


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