Adventures in Cooking

I am well aware that it has been a while since I last made a post.  The truth is, I’m too busy playing GW2!  This is really a fun game.  And one of the things I particularly like is the crafting system.  It’s not just a bunch of grinding to get levels.

In every MMO I’ve played, I have rolled a cook of some sort.  So I was excited to see a chef profession in GW2 – but disheartened when they said it would be an advanced profession – harder than the rest.  But I thought I would give it a shot anyway.  So I started out building my skill the “normal” way – discovering recipes.  It was fun and I leveled fast.  Then I hit a few snags – so looked up the 1-400 guide – I needed cherries to progress – but I was way below the level.  Everywhere I read talked about how easy cooking was – just need a little money and some karma – what they didn’t tell you was that you needed to be big enough to do the heart quests for much of the ingredients.

At one point, the karma goods were tradeable – then they made the change to make them account bound.  So I think there were some very early adopters who got to cooking when it was much easier.  Then you had to be able to have at least one toon that was high enough to get the hearts completed.

Then on Saturday, we woke up to the great cooking nerf.  Much nashing of teeth over it.  But really, it’s not that bad.  They took away some items off the basic cooking merchant – butter, eggs, chocolate bars – and those are now drops in game.  I really don’t want to know where that warg was storing the butter and chocolate he was carrying, but I’ll cook with it – I mean, my customers never need to know….  The butter and chocolate drop readily – after getting some from friends, and the ones I received through about an hour of events – I have over 250 sticks.  And the market is flooded – you can get butter off the trading post for 1 copper.  Seriously.

And oranges!  These are no longer sold for karma on the heart vendor in a lvl 50 area…  They must be gathered – and are now sold on the trading post.  I put in an order for oranges for a few copper and got as many as I wanted.  So far, this has been an ok change.

I’m currently at 315 cooking skill – and took a bit of a break.  I’m sure  I could find something to level with if I needed to.

Here are a few links to help with the cooking:

Farm Nodes and Karma Vendors

Cooking Guide (needs updating – but still good)

Recipes – Guildhead

GW2 Wiki Ingredients – partially updated, hopefully will get better


I’m still looking for something that tells me what zone to harvest for each food – it’s smattered about here and there, but nothing cohesive.  The Wiki at least tells me what level tool, which helps – though I’ve harvested portobello mushrooms and yams with Steel, not Darksteel.

Also looking for a good list of the foods created and the stats you can get.



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