All the Coffee You Can Drink!

Apparently Febbi is not too bright.  Or maybe she is, and she just likes to play favorites.  Or maybe she doesn’t like Caely and Flea – although, Flea is letting her crash at her place – rent free – and letting her use up all her materials for her personal harvesting depot.  Yeah – Febbi is not too bright.  She’s the same girl that sold the only colossal reactant we’ve seen.  And yes, played the lottery tonight and got the booby prize.

Of all the foods and drinks that Febbi could have had her research assistant make, she chose… wait for it…  In a family of almost ALL mages except for one lonely scout and a couple of healers… Febbi made – you guessed it – scout food.  Not mage food.  Scout food – with Agility.  How bright was that?  She didn’t just do it once either.  She did it twice.  Well, the other food was priest food.  So, she wasted a month of research doing food the vast majority of her sisters wouldn’t touch.

But she wised up. And as of this evening, she can now make all the Ambrosial Coffee her magey sisters can drink – and I’m pretty sure they can drink a lot of it.  Luckily, her twin Febi started researching the mage food and will be done in a couple of days.

But here are all the “fancy food and drinks” that a lvl 90 provisioner can make.  The increase in stats is 77 at lvl 90. Febbi can personally make the Pie, Cake, and Coffee – and if you are on Butcherblock and leave me a comment on this post, I’ll have her email you a stack to say thank you for visiting Caela’s Corner (be sure to tell me the character name and what you want).


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