And…. We’re back!

Sorry for the extended absence.  Lots of changes going on in my world the last couple of weeks.  We moved.  Still same general area, but it was a fairly huge ordeal for me.  I’ve moved a lot in my life (23 times in 24 years)  and this was by far the most traumatic move.

We were without internet for a few days as well – but we now have Verizon FiOS.  FiOS is pretty darn cool.  My internet speeds are about 31 Mps down and 26 up.   The installer took one look at our set up (two desks with two desktop PC’s – the PC’s are i7-2600K, 8MB ram, GeForce 570 graphic cards – fairly nice) and said “You are gonna want these hard wired aren’t you?”  We had a great installer – he had his priorities in order – he got the internet hooked up first, then the TV.

Though I’m pretty excited about the TV too.  We went ahead and got HBO – so we can get the HBO Go on our Roku box.

I finally was able to log in to EQ2 last night.  Was very nice to hear my guildmates talking in guild chat.  Hopefully soon I’ll be able to join them regularly on instance runs.    Did a bit of the Bristlebane quests on Caely.  Doing Ratical right now – I hate that quest – mostly because you zone, kill 10 rats, zone, turn in, zone, kill 10 rats, zone…  At least being a wizard I can get to Commonlands quickly to get to the rats there.

Double XP weekend is this weekend… Maybe I can get a big AA boost.  Caely currently has 271 – I believe she needs 284 to get to 320 when GU63 goes live.   Yeah, I’m not sure that will happen 🙂  But I have no plans (other than unpacking) for this weekend, so maybe I can get something accomplished in game!

Oh – of course, I played the lottery – not the mega millions (no, I didn’t buy a single ticket!) – booby prizes all around.  I think they increased the number of “20 commons” you get – I seem to get them every time.

So, it’s good to be back – hopefully I’ll get back to regular updates now.



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