As I meditate on what I did wrong…

I had fun in raid today. And I’m still raiding on Flea – as she is so much better than Caely could be.  I think I was just born to be a conjuror.


The raid could have been very frustrating, but it wasn’t.  We were trying to kill Oligar of the Dead in challenge mode.  And the first three times we tried, someone was dispelling him and making it easy mode.  Now, I may not be the sharpest mage in the raid, but I know what Absorb Magic is.  And I was not clicking the button to cast it.  But after three times, I was afraid it really was me doing it – so I just stopped fighting when he put up the red text.  And it worked.  So then I was convinced I was the one being the noob.

Raid leader was very patient though and didn’t get angry at anyone or anything.  No minus 50 DKP going on (that link is a hilarious raid video, but it has really bad language – very much not safe for work or British school children).  Even after we got the mob to challenge mode, it didn’t go well.  We got close several times, and then went on to Drinal – who we didn’t kill.  It just wasn’t our night – and we had killed Drinal before.  So who knows what was going on.  But everyone was very cool.  I really like the raid force – they seem very “professional” – it starts on time, ends on time, we have reasonable breaks – and everyone is nice and stays on task.  So, even when things go wrong, everyone has a good attitude – the raid leader stays pleasant – and it stays fun.

When the raid was over, I started pouring through the logs, trying to figure out if I was the noob dispelling Oligar – turns out I was not.  I am cleared of all wrong doing!  Well, that wrong doing anyway – we won’t count how many times I wasted Elemental Toxicity by throwing it right after one of the two necros in the group.

I did get a shiny new toy today (ok, I got two new toys – one in game, one out).  I’m not eligible for raid loot yet (2 more raids), but, I was able to do the locket quest from Melanie in HE.  So I am now wearing Melanie Everling’s Impeccable Locket.  And I slapped Greater Cogent II on it – my first red adornment.

I reforged some gear the other day – and my dps seems to have gone down.  But I don’t know how to prove it – or see where I went wrong.  Just once today did I make the top 5…  usually I was around 7th.  I’m not sure if everyone was just better than they had been, or if I slipped some how.

And my other new toy?  I convinced Hubby to give up his cell phone upgrade so I could get a new Google Nexus 4.  It’s pretty!  I love new tech gadgets.

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