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Monday night Caely had her first night in a group fighting as a warlock.  It was fun.  A few things I liked a lot better than the wizard – first I seem to have a few useful spells other than just nuking the crap out of a mob.

I’ve got some spells that prevent me from being interrupted – lots of AoE’s (ok, that is nuking crap), a few procs.  I lost my evac though.  I’m going to miss that.  A lot.

Last night the guild group went into Underdepths.  It wasn’t a bad experience.  In fact, I didn’t die until the last mob. And I got some new forearms.  Forearms was one of the pieces I lost when I betrayed.  My DPS is still very very low.  Of course I’m still learning how to play a warlock.  Been reading a thread on Flames – Mogrim’s School for Warlocks.  First read through and it was just gobbeldy gook…  but once I played for a bit, and re-read.  And re-read. And re-read – it’s starting to sink in.  Especially the casting order and pre-casts.  I also learned I need to have Bertoxxulous as my deity – but I blew that.  You have to be evil.  /sigh.  I wonder if I had done the quests first while I was evil if it would have stuck after I betrayed. Maybe if I’m bored I’ll betray again.

After the guild group I decided to try out Dungeon Maker – there are some charms you can get with the dungeon marks.  Someone told me I could find one for 300 marks and takes 10 minutes.  Just go in and blow everything up.  I figured it would probably take me a half hour.   And hour later….  This dungeon had groups of eyeballs all over the place.  It took me far longer than the 10 minutes.  At first I died.  Then I got out my healer merc – and learned more about casting order, and discovered my interrupt preventers.   I would do my precasts, then thunderclap, which is fast casting to bring the mobs to me while I started casting Rift – I could usually get off Rift before the mobs started hitting me – then I would do Mystical Field – which prevents interrupts and does AoE damage – then I would nuke with whatever I had and when MF wore off I would do Focused Casting – another interrupt preventer and it has 100% doublecast.  After I got that down, I was able to kill the groups with ease.  But I had down time waiting for  MF and FC to come back up (just a minute or so) – and I would start reading the interwebs…  ooohh, shiny!  So yeah, it took me much longer.  But even so, it still was gonna be more than 10 or even 30 minutes.   Maybe if I go get the SK merc – that might go faster.  Or be an avatar instead of myself… I’ll experiment and let you know.  I ended up skipping several groups just to get out of the dungeon.  I ended up with 203 marks – which wasn’t horrible.  But the charms are 1000 each – so that’s several more dungeons.  But it’s easy gear.  As a guild group, we get lots of good drops, but rarely is it mage gear, and rarely is it better than what I’m wearing – though I did manage to get an upgrade the last two nights we went out – so not horrible.

But now I need to work on getting my DPS up.  I did beat the healers (ok, most of the time) – and I beat the wizard once… when he was in the kitchen.  I have very few adornments.  So I’ll head over to Dethdlr’s Adornment Tool and figure out what I need.  And I need to work on Claws of Veeshan faction – I think there is some stuff I could get there, but I only have 31K faction.  And a few more masters would help too.

And after all this… I’m going to buy Guild Wars 2 today.



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