Brewday Funday!

At lunch on Sunday, Donald said that later that evening he planned to “take back earth” – a reference to his new obsession- Mass Effect 3.  I quipped I was going to get drunk.  And drunk I got!  Well, ok, not me – just Caely.  I stuck to Coke Zero for the evening.

I first headed over to Zam and downloaded their Brewday Quest Tracker so I could keep track of all the quests.  Not sure if I’m going to do them on all my toons, but it’s handy for just one toon to make sure you’ve done them all.  I went into Brell’s Bar and loaded up on the quests.  At first, I was trying to be efficient and do all the updates I could in one zone before moving on to the next – but I soon lost track and decided to just stick with one zone at a time.  The good thing about these quests is that most of the updates can be gotten close to the zone in, so the travel part is not too difficult.  Being a wizard can help at some points (the Windstalker village update) but none of the updates are terribly difficult or tedious.  I did almost the entire line in about an hour – so it was a fun diversion.

I think knocking goblins down was a lot of fun.  First – it’s goblins! But they also squeal when you knock them down.   They should have goblin bowling -that would be fun.  I of course need to work on my “running over things” skill – seems you need it for every holiday now (not complaining by the way – those games are fun).  I think the most I got was 77 – but I’ve only done it 3 times.  I still have two more times to get the title.

After the Brewday fun the guild thought it would be fun to go to EoW – what is that Elements of War?  Supposed to be the hardest group zone in the game.  They had previously tried it without me (and with a coercer instead – and not sure if the troub was a troub or another toon) and got stuck on the last mob.  This time around we got stuck on the first or second mob (I think second, but I could be wrong).  I figure it was my sucking.    We headed off to Drunder 2 and had no problem until the last mob, which we have yet to kill as a guild.  We did as well as we always do on it, but it wasn’t going to happen.  I simply have to get more AoE dps going.  That’s the only way we are going to win that fight – more dps.  I did get a nice belt out of the evening though.  Caely’s stats are looking better – for the voyeurs out there…  Caely on EQ2U.

I of course played and lost the lottery –  got Potions of Innovation instead of the normal 20 raws.


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