Busy Weekend


I had a really busy weekend!  I had to go to work to recover.

Our middle child Micaela graduated from High School on Friday.  She’s a smart kid and did very well.  Here’s a picture of her with all her “bling”.  The gold medal is for “Texas Success Scholar” which is really just doing what you are supposed to be doing plus 100 community service hours. The white stole is National Honor Society, and the cord (which are purple and gold) are for Latin.  She also completed the Distinguished Achievement Program, but didn’t get the tassel for that since her scores from her last AP class were not in yet.  The DAP requires the same as the Success Scholar, plus a 4th year of foreign language, and 4 “advanced measures” – which in her case were 4 AP classes.  She actually took a total of 6 AP classes, and should have over 25 college hour credits before she starts college in the fall.

She also was in the Gifted & Talented program for Language Arts (aka English) all four years of high school.

As you can tell, we are pretty proud of her.

After graduation, we had her final regular season kickball game, closing ceremonies – in which she received several scholarships, and then topped it all off with a graduation party later that afternoon.

We had family in from out of town and had a good time visiting with them – what little time we had.


So I didn’t get a lot of time to play EQ2 – but I did manage to attend a “scout class” (yeah, I’m not a scout) and then raided.  The scout class was pretty interesting – I do have my troubadour, so I learned a lot.  Next week we are having a mage class.  That should be fun.  At the raid, my DPS was ok.  Hitting 500K+ on most fights.    Looking forward to exploring ways to increase that.

Other than the raid on Sunday – it was just the usual tradeskill chores for me – pretty much all booby prizes – can’t remember the last time I got a potion of progress (I want to marry those potions and have their babies).  Plus, I’ve started doing the weekly Far Seas Supply Division quest to get enough faction for the crafting gear.  Have I mentioned how much I hate the FSSD faction?  I really wish they would change the gear to Heirloom instead of NO-Trade.

Raid was fun as always.  I did get a new earring and an adornment.  The earring is the Enscribed Earring of the Crazed which has a nice threat reducing effect.  Only slightly better than what I was wearing, but has the added effect.  I also got an adornment – and right now I can’t for the life of me remember what it’s called.  But it was nice.  And red.

Edit:  Found it!  Ethereal Strike – thank you to Feldon @EQ2U for letting me know about the adornment search – search for all lvl 92+ Red Adornments.  You can even narrow the search down by going to the main search page and choosing Adornment, then it will have options for color as well as effect.  I knew my adornment had potency – and once I got a smaller list and saw all the effects, I was able to pick it out.



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