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Dev Auto Fail

As I mentioned earlier – the new Pet Auto Assist is broken.  Great in theory, but just isn’t working. In today’s patch notes, we find out why people were having various levels of success.  Seems that it was broken when you target through a player. GENERAL Fixed an issue with pet auto assist related to […]

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It’s a gnome’s most favorite time of the year!  Tinkerfest!  Even though I have branched out, I still love the gnome.  So Tinkerfest is very special to me. Naimi Denmother has a preview up over at EQ2 Traders with pictures of all the new goodies this year.  I’m very excited about the blueprints – those look […]

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Pet Auto Fail

A while back a new pet option was added – Auto Assist.  I’m not sure if it ever worked.  But recently the forums have discovered it is worthless at best, or just plain broken. I only recently discovered the option as I was using an old UI.  When I updated my UI, I saw the […]

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No booby prizes!

Ok, there was one booby prize – but got some pretty good stuff from doing the lottery today.  A reactant, two progress potions (that’s what I’m really after!), several harvesting potions, a couple of rares, and one booby prize. That’s all I had time for today.  Tomorrow I should have time to actually get a […]

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I promise to do better

Two posts in May.  I am such a slacker.  In fact, I already have a half written post entitled “I am a slacker”.  I have about 5 half written posts that are just laying around in draftland.  I have spent a lot of time updating the backend of the blog.  I changed the theme, and […]

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Discount Code for SOE Live

I’ve been playing EQsomething for over 12 years.  I’ve always dreamed of going to SOE Live/Fan Faire – but it never worked out.  But here’s my chance! I can give you a discount code for $20 off your All Access Pass – and if you use my code, I earn a free trip! Here’s the […]

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I’m Famous!

While I haven’t hit the new content yet, I’ve heard the first mob in Siren’s Grotto is named Caella.  Which is close enough to Caela. What’s an extra L 🙂  I’ve used the nickname Caela since 2000 and EQ1. I’m Caela on the official EQ2 forums – and pretty much anything EQ2 related if there […]

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My Birthday Present!

I’m sure SOE did this just for me.  Game Update 66 – it happens to be going live on my birthday.  Which means I don’t even get to play with it on the go live date.  I’m celebrating my birthday by going to a Texas Rangers baseball game.  Yu Darvish is supposed to pitch.  Should […]

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Be Careful What You Whine For…

My chosen class is a conjuror.  I played a magician in EQ1, which conjuror is about the closest thing to that.  It took me a while to embrace the class.  I started off in Norrath as a warlock.  But never found my stride with her.  On a lark, my husband and I decided to create […]

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The Pink Cash Cow

Everyone loves the meatbeast.  It has taken on mythical proportions at this point.   And then, to make it a mount.  Oh my.  And then to make it pink! I don’t think anyone realize just how much players really wanted to ride around on a pink spotted cow.  But I know I wanted one.  I was waiting until April […]

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