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Hi, My name is Caela, and I’m addicted to crafting

I’ve been reading up on the new expansion Chains of Eternity for EQ2.  Sounds fairly interesting.  But what really has caught my eye are the crafting changes.  I may buy the expansion for the tradeskill stuff alone.  Here’s a rundown I found on the EQ2 forums – which says it’s from EQ2Wire, but I can’t […]

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Ok, I admit it, I’ve been dying to use that title… But my mesmer is a lot of fun to play.  Hubby is also loving his mesmer.  I made mine way before he made his though.  Although I will admit my mesmer Caely sat on the shelf, and got dusty.  And he has long passed […]

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A Tale of Two Games

Ok, really it’s a tale of no game.  I haven’t been playing either GW2 or EQ2 in much quantity lately. I did log into EQ2 last weekend – Saturday I believe.  I got my purple unicorn – and it is snazzy. When I logged on there was a guild member needing help – there were […]

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I Achieve!

    That’s Caela in her sexy hot pink chef’s uniform!  Was finally able to get to 400 in cooking.  It wasn’t as easy as they make it out to be.  I was not high enough in level to just go buy peaches.  Peaches are a Karma food, so you have to be able to […]

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Cooking is Evil!

I was most excited with the Guild Wars 2 patch notes yesterday – we can discover with items in our bank and collections tab!  Since there are some 100+ cooking ingredients in the tab alone (and more that are ingredients that won’t store in collections) trying to discover recipes and juggling bag space was frustrating […]

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(Gasp) Guild Wars 2 is not perfect!

I don’t want to complain – and it’s really not a complaint, just a desire to make the game perfect but there are a few things that bug me – mostly guild related: Lack of community – no notification when someone logs on or off or does something good. While it might not seem like […]

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Adventures in Cooking

I am well aware that it has been a while since I last made a post.  The truth is, I’m too busy playing GW2!  This is really a fun game.  And one of the things I particularly like is the crafting system.  It’s not just a bunch of grinding to get levels. In every MMO […]

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I’m Bat Girl!

I’ve been way too busy playing Guild Wars 2 to actually stop and make many posts.  I think this game might be the real deal.  It is so freaking fun! And I’m playing – not just following a barbarian butt around. And I’m way too cute for my own good.  Here I am in a new […]

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[EQ2>GW2] Things I’ve Learned

Going from EQ2 to GW2 has had a few challenges – Here are a few things I’ve learned by playing for the past 24 hours…  (ok, I slept a few) Remapping keys – If you go into Options, then control options you can remap your keys.  I suggest remapping R to “reply” instead of “auto-run”. […]

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Do I smell something?

I made an adorable little Asura – named of course Caela – and she’s all decked out in purple.  While in battle mode, she makes this cute little animation where she sniffs around her…  It’s entirely too cute.  Here’s a video I made – and yes, I fully realize it’s pretty poor.  I need to […]

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