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I promise to do better

Two posts in May.  I am such a slacker.  In fact, I already have a half written post entitled “I am a slacker”.  I have about 5 half written posts that are just laying around in draftland.  I have spent a lot of time updating the backend of the blog.  I changed the theme, and […]

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Happy Birthday – to ME!

I don’t do much for a year. Most diets last a couple of weeks. Keeping the house spotless lasts about 2 days. But, Caela’s Corner is now a year old! And I think there was a post made every month. Some months were a little light – but here we are a year later and […]

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Caely Feels Special

Hey – we got new popups! Some of the newest gear Caely got this week: Cazicite Ritual Totem , as well as a Silent Scream of Hysteria – which both, sadly were HUGE upgrades for poor little Caely.

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Talk to me!

Apparently I was having problems with the commenting section – and I was unintentionally being rude. Turns out, my aggressive spam prevention thought anyone that was leaving a comment was a spammer – the system even accused them of cheating! I’m really sorry about that!  It’s all fixed now.  Non-spammers should be able to leave comments again […]

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I changed the theme!  I’ve always loved this theme.  I got bored with the other one – though I liked that it had pictures of my toons. Hope you enjoy – let me know if I broke anything. In other site news, I think I have managed to block all of Sweden.  I’ve been inundated […]

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Moving Day!

I’m moving my site to a new host.  The URL should remain the same – as should everything else.   There shouldn’t be any change at all – one day you’ll just be at the new site without even knowing it. Ahhh, the magic of the interwebs! So, I’ve started the process, just not sure […]

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Tinkering with Caela’s Corner

Yesterday I spent much of the day working on the website.  Got a new theme – I’m sure you noticed 🙂  I went through and took screen shots of all my toons.  Figured out how to get them in the torn out spot to the left.  They rotate – every time you go to a […]

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You Get Better at Soloing (5/450)

Ok, my soloing skills are a little better than that! I’ve never been one to like soloing – much prefer going with a group.  I like the game to socialize and talk to other people. But I spent a good bit of time on Saturday on Caely doing the Othmir and Snowfang Gnolls questlines – I […]

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Jumping Gizmos!

I think this thing works!  The gnomes will be very happy. The dark elf will probably just continue sulking.

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