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Caela the Gnome Warlock

Sometimes, things change.

This blog is called “Caela’s Corner” – and it was primarily about my characters on EverQuest 2. I dabbled in a few other games, but always came back. Until about a year ago. I haven’t really played for nearly a year. We had a two month period where we played the new expansion, but EQ2 […]

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The Fizzletoes Fixer Uppers

That’s a mouthful! I’ve always been intrigued by housing in EQ2.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the skills for it.  No matter how I try to place something, it comes out… wrong.  It sticks out, up, over…  Just wrong.  In the early days I had a couple of friends that loved decorating and did a few […]

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It’s a gnome’s most favorite time of the year!  Tinkerfest!  Even though I have branched out, I still love the gnome.  So Tinkerfest is very special to me. Naimi Denmother has a preview up over at EQ2 Traders with pictures of all the new goodies this year.  I’m very excited about the blueprints – those look […]

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I’m Famous!

While I haven’t hit the new content yet, I’ve heard the first mob in Siren’s Grotto is named Caella.  Which is close enough to Caela. What’s an extra L 🙂  I’ve used the nickname Caela since 2000 and EQ1. I’m Caela on the official EQ2 forums – and pretty much anything EQ2 related if there […]

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Ok, I admit it, I’ve been dying to use that title… But my mesmer is a lot of fun to play.  Hubby is also loving his mesmer.  I made mine way before he made his though.  Although I will admit my mesmer Caely sat on the shelf, and got dusty.  And he has long passed […]

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I Achieve!

    That’s Caela in her sexy hot pink chef’s uniform!  Was finally able to get to 400 in cooking.  It wasn’t as easy as they make it out to be.  I was not high enough in level to just go buy peaches.  Peaches are a Karma food, so you have to be able to […]

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Do I smell something?

I made an adorable little Asura – named of course Caela – and she’s all decked out in purple.  While in battle mode, she makes this cute little animation where she sniffs around her…  It’s entirely too cute.  Here’s a video I made – and yes, I fully realize it’s pretty poor.  I need to […]

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Productive Weekend

I had a very productive weekend.  I took the day off on Friday – which is a good thing, as I felt pretty crappy all day.  My oldest went off to college for the weekend – doing color guard auditions.  I think at this point it’s really just for the incoming freshman, and the others […]

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Snowilla vs the Pig

After spending some time in the Guild Hall, mostly mooching off her sisters and taking all their hand me down shinies, Snowilla decided to head back home to New Halas.  After arriving from the surprisingly short sea voyage (sans boat) Snowilla met Barker Gordon.  She wasn’t sure if Barker was his first name or his […]

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I have been especially slacking at EQ2 lately.  Not that that isn’t unusual this time of year.  But what is unusual is that I don’t want to be slacking.  I would rather be playing EQ2 than doing what I am currently doing, which is dealing with the realities of managing a youth sports league. I […]

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