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Really digging the healer these days.   But I really needed my mythical spell. I think it will be great to have another group cure.  I was able to knock it out this weekend.  Did the vast majority of it solo – only need a guild friend for the last three zones. But this epic […]

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Topping the Parse

I admit it.  I really really really like to be at the top of the parse.   During guild groups I have no problems being the top of the parse.  I did freak the guild group out a bit the other day when I renamed my pet “Fleapet” and I was no longer at the […]

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Caelien gets a makeover

Since I enjoyed playing Caelien so much, I thought I would get her some new gear.  I had a ton of obols, and a fair amount of spirits – so I logged on Flea and went shopping.  Caelien has not completed the signature quest – so she depends on other kind souls like Flea to […]

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Trying out a healer

I’m a mage.  I’ve dabbled as a dirge once.  I actually played a dirge for like a year and even raided a little bit with her.  But I was a “stand there and look pretty” dirge – which I was really good at.  But for the most part, I’ve always played a mage. At one […]

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