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You’re on your own kid!

I played very little last night – maybe a half hour.  Got on Caely, blew up two mobs in Kurn’s Tower and made 2 plat.  Can’t beat that!  But my evening was fairly stressful, and sometimes, killing things help.  And it did.  Caely go BOOooooOOOM! I then played the lottery – got a potion and […]

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Yummy Shards! More Drunder Wear!

The guild started the Kael Dominance quest on like Saturday.  I don’t think anyone actually did anything until Sunday though – going into Icy Shard Keep.  I missed out.  I went to bed at the unheard of hour of 8pm.  I was tired.  So Caely missed out on ISK.  Tuesday we did Throne of Storms […]

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