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Caely the Gnome Wizard

Caely the Wonder Warlock!

Ok, she’s not that wonderful.  I have no idea how she does on a parse.  I’m sure her DPS is not that great.  But I took a screen shot of her in all her gnome glory.   I think I’ll try to work on her some more.  I went through some of her gear, and […]

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Guild Night is Back!

Had so much fun last night with the guild.  We decided Wednesday was a good time for us all to get together and do some mass killing.  We pre-arranged to all be on at 7-ish.  Around 6:30 I tried to log on and the servers were down.  But luckily they came up before 7 and […]

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The Mortal Champion: Fleabeaux!

I have been so slacking at updating the blog.  Partly because I used to update it at work, and now I actually have to work at work  – and weekends are getting busier. But Flea finished the long ass signature quest and got the cloak! So that makes her happy.  She’s also parsing pretty dang […]

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Flea Fails

Whew!  It’s been a while since I made a post.  I’m still playing EQ2 – nearly every day – though that’s slowing down a bit.  I’m getting into one of our busier times of the year.  But still manage to log on nearly every night – but don’t always get to do a group. With […]

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Gear Head!

So, apparently, I’m a gear head now…       I logged into Caelila for the first time in months tonight.  I’m thinking about using the double xp holiday to get her to 95.  And I turned on her Ring of the Gnomish Tinkerer – which I do for all my gnomes….  and I noticed she […]

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New Profession – Obol Farmer

Last night was a rather “dead” guild night.  Not many people on until fairly late in the evening.  We normally get a group going by 7pm central time – sometimes later, sometimes earlier.  So I spent some time last night farming obols.  I’m now an obol farmer. I had heard the best drop rate was […]

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All your obol are belong to me!

I am probably the last person on BB to finish that long ass quest on their main…  but I finally did it last night.  Now, when we go on guild runs, I can steal everyone’s obols.  I don’t think anyone is too worried though since my dice suck. The Obol Plains part of the signature […]

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Movin’ on Up!

Before we get to the main post, let me just say that I’m going to kiss a developer!  Unless they are a dwarf – then no kissing.  I’m holding out kissing a dwarf for a Guild Broker that will only sell to guild members (or friends of the guild).  But….  SOE is putting in a […]

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Caely Feels Special

Hey – we got new popups! Some of the newest gear Caely got this week: Cazicite Ritual Totem , as well as a Silent Scream of Hysteria – which both, sadly were HUGE upgrades for poor little Caely.

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What I did for Thanksgiving Vacation

I played a lot of EQ2!  Well, I should say, I clicked a lot in EQ2. I tested out some of the refining abilities.  And I could not stop myself.  For three days I refined stacks and stacks of common harvests.  You can read all about refining in my write up Refining 101.  Like over […]

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