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Fleabeaux the Ratonga Conjuror

The Beta Blues

I wanted to do my part by testing out the content on Beta.  I copied two toons over – Febbi, my lvl 95 provisioner, and Fleabeaus, my lvl 95 conjuror/woodworker.  I thought between the two I could get a feel for the changes. Bad idea. I patched the client and logged in.  I checked to […]

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Dev Auto Fail

As I mentioned earlier – the new Pet Auto Assist is broken.  Great in theory, but just isn’t working. In today’s patch notes, we find out why people were having various levels of success.  Seems that it was broken when you target through a player. GENERAL Fixed an issue with pet auto assist related to […]

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Pet Auto Fail

A while back a new pet option was added – Auto Assist.  I’m not sure if it ever worked.  But recently the forums have discovered it is worthless at best, or just plain broken. I only recently discovered the option as I was using an old UI.  When I updated my UI, I saw the […]

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Busy Weekend

I had a really busy weekend!  I had to go to work to recover. Our middle child Micaela graduated from High School on Friday.  She’s a smart kid and did very well.  Here’s a picture of her with all her “bling”.  The gold medal is for “Texas Success Scholar” which is really just doing what […]

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Trying out a healer

I’m a mage.  I’ve dabbled as a dirge once.  I actually played a dirge for like a year and even raided a little bit with her.  But I was a “stand there and look pretty” dirge – which I was really good at.  But for the most part, I’ve always played a mage. At one […]

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My Birthday Present!

I’m sure SOE did this just for me.  Game Update 66 – it happens to be going live on my birthday.  Which means I don’t even get to play with it on the go live date.  I’m celebrating my birthday by going to a Texas Rangers baseball game.  Yu Darvish is supposed to pitch.  Should […]

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Be Careful What You Whine For…

My chosen class is a conjuror.  I played a magician in EQ1, which conjuror is about the closest thing to that.  It took me a while to embrace the class.  I started off in Norrath as a warlock.  But never found my stride with her.  On a lark, my husband and I decided to create […]

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As I meditate on what I did wrong…

I had fun in raid today. And I’m still raiding on Flea – as she is so much better than Caely could be.  I think I was just born to be a conjuror.   The raid could have been very frustrating, but it wasn’t.  We were trying to kill Oligar of the Dead in challenge […]

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Getting Back

The past two weeks have been sorta crazy for me.  I signed up with the Butcherblock Guild Alliance in order to raid a little.  They seem like a good bunch.  But right after I signed up, I found out my dad was very sick. He has had Lymphoma for the past year.  Did 6 rounds […]

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The Mortal Champion: Fleabeaux!

I have been so slacking at updating the blog.  Partly because I used to update it at work, and now I actually have to work at work  – and weekends are getting busier. But Flea finished the long ass signature quest and got the cloak! So that makes her happy.  She’s also parsing pretty dang […]

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