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Jumjumm the Halfling Defiler

Meet Jumjumm!

Jumjumm is the baby of the family with the lowest level.  She was born on December 16, 2011.  I’m pretty sure she was made on Butcherblock while I waited for my toons on Freeport to transfer back home.  She gave me something fun to play.  I’ve always wanted to play a healer, and I heard […]

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Erollisi Day is coming!

Denmother at EQ2Traders has an Erollisi Day teaser for us!  Lots of great house items for decorating and a new outfit!  And most of these are craftable. I’m in love with the wine bottles…  Jumjumm will need those for her house.   The formal attire is also very nice and detailed – Kaitheel says there […]

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Happy Birthday – to ME!

I don’t do much for a year. Most diets last a couple of weeks. Keeping the house spotless lasts about 2 days. But, Caela’s Corner is now a year old! And I think there was a post made every month. Some months were a little light – but here we are a year later and […]

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We interrupt absolutely nothing at all happening….

To bring you a halfling house! Found this image on the SOE forums about a new halfling house.  This is from Cloud Rat of the Test Server. I know I’m doing absolutely nothing in game right now.  I haven’t even logged on in a few weeks.  I actually thought about this past Monday and Tuesday […]

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Snowilla vs the Pig

After spending some time in the Guild Hall, mostly mooching off her sisters and taking all their hand me down shinies, Snowilla decided to head back home to New Halas.  After arriving from the surprisingly short sea voyage (sans boat) Snowilla met Barker Gordon.  She wasn’t sure if Barker was his first name or his […]

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Yummy Shards! More Drunder Wear!

The guild started the Kael Dominance quest on like Saturday.  I don’t think anyone actually did anything until Sunday though – going into Icy Shard Keep.  I missed out.  I went to bed at the unheard of hour of 8pm.  I was tired.  So Caely missed out on ISK.  Tuesday we did Throne of Storms […]

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EQ2 – Home Sweet Home

Argh!  I’m in such a quandry!  I usually have a bad case of buyers remorse.  So much so that I tend to avoid buying anything.  I’ll look at all the master spells on the broker – all of which I could readily afford (but be a lot poorer afterwards) – and get the money out […]

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I should be crafting

I’ve got this entire Saturday to myself.  So I thought I would have a nice long EQ2 session. I’ve been fairly productive.  Febbi did her crafting chores – only she couldn’t do the daily forgemaster faction quest.  It requires being able to harvest, and she doesn’t have the skill.  I’m sure I could get her […]

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1/19 Patch Notes

We have a bonus hot fix this week! Update Notes: Thursday, January 19, 2011   I suppose all the stuff that was fixed is a good thing, but I’m particularly interested in:   TRADESKILL APPRENTICES The Tradeskill Apprentice Daily quest will now only take 1 of the required quest item instead of every item of […]

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