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Merry Christmas!

The Fizzletoes wish everyone a Merry Christmas!  (And a Happy Frostfell!)    

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Snowilla’s Snowglobes

Snowilla received a snowglobe from Santa Glug this year.  That got her to thinking….  There must be more snowglobes!  And if your named Snowilla, and you are all white, and live in New Halas, and love the snow – maybe you should collect snowglobes from all over Norrath. Snowilla visited Santa Glug again, but only […]

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What I did for Thanksgiving Vacation

I played a lot of EQ2!  Well, I should say, I clicked a lot in EQ2. I tested out some of the refining abilities.  And I could not stop myself.  For three days I refined stacks and stacks of common harvests.  You can read all about refining in my write up Refining 101.  Like over […]

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Game Balance Conundrum

I’ve played a good bit on Snowilla, who is my lvl 24 Coercer.  To make her a little more interesting to play, I’ve decided that she’s on her own, with little help from her older “siblings”.  So she does not share any money, rares, hand me downs, etc.  The only thing I’ll share are shinies, […]

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Snowilla saves Qeynos!

Well, at least that’s what she thinks she’s doing.  She’s a little Arasai with big plans! There is a little less than a month until Guild Wars 2 launches – and hubby got bored.  So he decided to dust off his “free 2 play” account.  He has a ton of toons on it.  A lvl […]

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Wasting away…

I wish I was wasting away in Margaritaville instead of wasting all my double xp.  I didn’t get a thing done.  Well, unless unpacking counts. We did a good bit of unpacking this weekend – and spending Easter day with some friends (which was also spent cooking). I did manage to log in a bit […]

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Hanging with Snow

So I spent some time with Snowilla last night.  Not that I really wanted to.  I did it to finish the Brewday quests before they go away.  I managed to finish like two of them.  Enough to get credit on my Festival Spirit achievement. At one point though I was flying around Thundering Steppes.  Taking the […]

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Snowilla vs the Pig

After spending some time in the Guild Hall, mostly mooching off her sisters and taking all their hand me down shinies, Snowilla decided to head back home to New Halas.  After arriving from the surprisingly short sea voyage (sans boat) Snowilla met Barker Gordon.  She wasn’t sure if Barker was his first name or his […]

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I have been especially slacking at EQ2 lately.  Not that that isn’t unusual this time of year.  But what is unusual is that I don’t want to be slacking.  I would rather be playing EQ2 than doing what I am currently doing, which is dealing with the realities of managing a youth sports league. I […]

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Wasted Double XP

I was a bad gnome this weekend.  Totally wasted the double xp.  Well, not totally. Caely managed to go into the Conservatory and got 3 AA out of it – which is pretty good considering the amount of AA she has. And Snowilla was probably the biggest winner of the double xp.  She was reborn […]

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