Coercer Truths

I’ve got a feeling this may be an ongoing thing.  Snowilla is learning new things every day.

Like, don’t go afk with a charmed pet.  You would think I would know that after I learned that dismissing a charmed pet doesn’t make them go poof, it makes them hate you.  I guess after all you’ve been making your pet do all these nasty things to their friends, when you finally have stopped playing with them, they are of course, going to turn on you.  I guess it was all my time playing a conjuror, I was expecting the pet to go poof.  I was wrong.  (I did learn they go poof if you zone)

I was also wrong in thinking a charmed pet would stick around with you… they eventually get tired of being charmed and start eating your face!  I learned this when I went AFK.

I also have learned that the  yellow pee vision is not a glitch with the display, it’s your charmed pet’s way of saying “I’m going to eat your face now”.

Luckily I have not died to a charmed pet.  Yet.  I’m sure it will happen.

I wonder what other trouble little Snowilla will get into with all this coercing she’s doing.

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