Cooking is Evil!

I was most excited with the Guild Wars 2 patch notes yesterday – we can discover with items in our bank and collections tab!  Since there are some 100+ cooking ingredients in the tab alone (and more that are ingredients that won’t store in collections) trying to discover recipes and juggling bag space was frustrating at best.

But a recent patch made it so that we can discover recipes with ingredients that are in our bank or collections tab.

So I got to crafting last night.  I was about to discover a ton of new recipes – but now I need more bank space. I made one of everything I could – and I ended up destroying a good bit of it because I had no where to store it, and I couldn’t even sell it to a vendor – and of course it’s worthless on the Trading Post.

What would help a lot is to create a collection tab spot for all the ingredient only food you create. For a cook, that is a whole lot of things that have no other purpose than to be an ingredient for something else, and it will only fit in your inventory or bank. I have at least 45 slots filled with this type of thing.

And Dailies….  those are evil too.  The cut off time is 8pm my time – which means I really don’t have much time after work to get the daily done before it resets, and I don’t have much time after they reset if I want to go to bed at a decent time so that I’m not a zombie when I wake up at 5am.   I tried so hard last night to get the daily done – I needed one more event.  I went back to Metrica Province because it seemed to have a lot of events – but I ran around for a while and only found one event – and it was just me doing it – and it failed – so I didn’t get credit.  I’ll try again tonight before they reset.


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