Faction Guide for Crafters

This guide will attempt to catalog the different factions available to crafters and the goodies you might get from them.  I will link to other guides on the web as appropriate – no need to duplicate what is already available.  But hopefully, if you ever have a question about faction, you can find the information either listed or linked from this page.  This guide is not meant to be everything crafting.  Questlines may be linked for some expansions, but you’ll find much more information about individual quest lines by visiting EQ2 Traders and EQ2.Zam

Crafting Gear Run Down – Eq2.Zam guide to all the gear a crafter could want!

Table of Contents


City Factions 

City factions are your base faction.  You increase this faction by doing  work orders as well as the tradesman tasks.

EQ2Traders Overview

  • Qeynos: Ironforge Exchange
  • Freeport: Coalition of Tradesfolke
  • Kelethin: Tunare’s Pages
  • Neriak: Dark Bargainers
  • Gorowyn: Academy of Logistics
  • New Halas: Ravens of the North


Various Gear, Jewelry, Mounts and Recipe books.  Starts at 10K faction – mostly no-trade.



Screen shots of Gear

You can increase your faction by doing the tradeskill timeline (the ones by zone – New Halas, Butcherblock, Steamfont, Lavastorm), as well as Tradeskill Group Missions and writs.  The Tradeskill timeline quests – except for Lavastorm also give you access to advance recipe books.


DoF Factions 

While not a tradeskill faction, getting faction with one of these will give you access to lvl 50-59 advance recipe books.  These books are heirloom, so only one toon per account/server needs to get it.  You can only increase faction with one court at a time – so pick one and stick with it.  I have an alt just parked in Maj’Dul .

Court of Coin

Court of Blades

Court of Truth

RoK Factions 

Earring of the Solstice – requires 20K Bathizid faction to start the epic quest line

Screenshots of carpenter made items

  • Advanced Crafting Books require 10,000 faction
  • Faction Recipe books require 20,000 (vol I) or 30,000 (vol II) faction.
  • Equipment requires 40,000 faction.

TSO Factions

EQ2 Traders – Screenshots 

SF Factions

Overview – List of questlines for each faction

EQ2 Trader’s Corner Clearinghouse

There is little benefit to getting the Paineel faction, but it’s the first faction you will get.  There are some house items you can get with faction.  The meat of SF Faction is Hue Mein, Quel’Ule and Kerra.

Facion will get you Advanced Recipe books (10K), Specialized Recipe books (40K) and Furniture (10K).  Each faction serves a certain type of crafter.  You can do all three quest lines regardless of your archetype, but the rewards are specific to that archetype.



You’ll want Forgemasters faction so that you can do the Coldain Prayer ShawlQuest – but you can get specialized recipe books at 40K

  • Thurgadin Forgemasters – Rewards


No specific faction grinding for ToV.  Doing the tradeskill timeline will give you some Far Seas Supply Division faction and tokens and access to advanced tradeskill books.


The tradeskill questline for Alter of Malice will earn Far Seas Supply Division faction and tokens.

New furniture is available to purchase with tokens and require 40K faction.


Stay tuned – new expansion to be released in November 2015


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