Data Overload!

We will soon be overloaded with data from SOE.  This is not a bad thing.  Not only is EQ2 putting out their updated version of EQ2Players, but third party fan sites also have different offerings in the works.

EQ2U – from EQ2Wire.  Luckily, I’m a guild member with Check (Dethdlr at EQ2Wire) and have been able to see the new EQ2U and help squash a few bugs.  It’s really very nice.  It will allow you to look up toons and add them to groups – say “My Characters” or “Guildies” or “People to Avoid” or “People who like Purple” (You can put Caely in that one!).  You can see a good bit of data about your character – basic stats, your AA’s, your gear, and more.  It’s lightweight – works on an iPad as well as my smart phone (Samsung Galaxy S II – awesome phone).  It has some unique features, like wishlists and item upgrade search – along with other features they have not made public yet, so I’ll keep mum – but you are going to like them!  I can’t wait until they go live, which I hope is sooner than soon.

EQ2Players – At one time, this was all there was.  And we paid for it.  And we were happy.  And then they gave it to us for free.  And you would think we would be happier, but they stopped maintaining it.  The data got all wonky.  Freeport never got any sort of data, which was frustrating for guild leaders.   But coming “soon, very soon” will be the new EQ2Players.  I watched the webcast last night – and I wish I could give you a link to it, but they have not put it up yet – check the SOE YouTube Channel – they may put it up there eventually.  We got to see a few screenshots, and it looks pretty cool.  You can compare yourself to other characters, which is nice.  The advantage EQ2Players will have over third party sites is that you will be able to view your own toon and alts even if you have opted out of sharing your toon on EQ2Players.

QuestForever – Android App – allows you to see most data on your Android powered smart phone.

I’m not aware of what any other sites are doing – but I’ll keep my eyes open.

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