Doing Good, Evil Style

So I’ve always thought of Wizards as good, Warlocks evil.  I don’t think they were even originally set up that way.  But my very first toon Caela was a warlock on the good side.  She never amounted to much – I think she’s lvl 64ish.  She was created at game launch, and did her first 60 lvls before there was such a thing as AA.  And over time, I’ve had other mains.  Back in the day it was Fleabaux – she was a ratonga conjuror.  I made her for the sole purpose of betraying.  I never imagined I would play her.  But I did.  A lot.  She even raided.  At one time, she was pretty bad ass.  I remember me and a necro would compete to top the parse.  But those days are long gone for her.  Replaced first by a dirge, then by a wizard.  Now Caely, the lvl 92/320 wizard is my main.  But really, I’m all about death by disease.  It’s my first love.  I always loved the animation of mobs being covered by green gobs and coughing.  I’ve missed that as a Wizard.

So, I’ve been thinking of betraying my wizard to warlock.  And going from evil to good.  Go hang out in Qeynos and pledge my loyalty to Queen Antonia Bayle (I have yet to finish the quest line – but I’m pretty sure she’s gonna do just fine).

I think being a warlock would be a lot of fun.  All that disease going around – and lots of things to go boom!  I’ve always loved casting a single spell and watching six mobs fall down around me.   But I’ve got some Wizard only gear that will need to be replaced, and of course my spells – I have a good many mastered.    I’m not sure I’ll have the plat to replace them all.

But I think the pros out number the cons – I’ll give the guild group some AoE dps, some new buffs, I’ll get to do the Qeynos story…


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