Drunder Wear is Fun to Wear!

Ok, I’ve never actually worn any Drunder Wear….  But I hear that it’s fun to wear.  I’m getting close to wearing it!

Caely put on her big girl panties and went with the guild group to Drunder: Spire of Rage last night.  It was fun, even though I had to be reminded to equip my fancy food (one more day for the magey food – Go Febi Go!).  Most of the mobs were not too difficult.  Although it was getting late and we gave up on Grolla Skullweilder – we’ll try it again tonight.

So I’ve been reading on EQ2Wire about the Drunder Wear… Apparently I need to take gear that dropped in the zone and break it down.  I think I got 2-3 pieces.  But Febbi should be able to make my gear.  Shhh – don’t tell Febbi, but I saw Brontis last night, and he was chained back up.  I know she worked really hard to free him.

The Wizard Drunder Wear looks pretty nice.  I’m guessing it’s probably the best in the game that won’t take a raid or a colossal reactant to get.

Endemic Bands of the Invoker

Endemic Epaulets of the Invoker

Endemic Hood of the Invoker

Endemic Leggings of the Invoker

Endemic Mitts of the Invoker

Endemic Shoes of the Invoker

Endemic Robe of the Invoker (not really sure how to get this)


The guild says Drunder 2 is easier than Drunder 1 – so looking forward to hitting the next zone as well.

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