Dungeon Maker Take 2

Wednesday night, as we were doing faction grinding in SkyShrine (who thought that up??? ugh!) a guild member mentioned he was mad at me.  Mad at me? Sweet little, disease spreading, adorable, purple, gnome me? (yeah, that’s probably a misuse of commas)  Seems I had given him the idea of going into Dungeon Maker to get charms.  The guild members have been doing that this week.  It’s not a lot of fun.  But the charms are pretty nice.

Token of Embattled Reflection – INT/WIS

Token of Empowered Reflection – INT/WIS

Token of Encompassed Reflection – AGI/STR

Token of Esteemed Reflection – AGI/STR

Compare the Empowered with what Caely is currently wearing (Let’s hope that link works!)


I tried yet again to do the Dungeon Maker with mixed success.  I did one that was called (and I kid you not) Easy Solo/177 DM – only it gave me 24. It was easy though.  I went in as an avatar – a fighter with some AoE’s.  I had a little downtime between fights, but not much.  I do think that one would have been faster on the warlock.  I tried another one with a ridiculous name – something about 1 room easy tokens.  It was one room.  With about 30 mobs.  But the whole room would agro and I would die quickly – this was with a variety of avatars – never was successful.  I abandoned that hopeless cause.  It’s a good thing you don’t rack up xp debt in those dungeons.

So, the guild decided the best thing to do was take a well geared SK in there – and do it as a group.  We haven’t tried it yet.  I guess that will be take 3.

In other Caely news (she’s really the only one I’ve been playing lately – I’m so digging the ‘lock!) – the guild indulged me yet again last night and took me to an old DoV zone to pick up a few shards.  I’m trying to get her all adored – err adorned (she’s already adored by many!)  And I was able to pick up a few yellow and red adornments.  Now I need some white adorns.  Which are just made – but it’s a long freaking list! Here – enjoy the link – that’s Check’s – err Dethdlr to the rest of the world – Adornment Calculator.  There is no freaking way anyone can choose adornments without it.  Don’t even try.  It’s fabulous (yeah, I know Check reads this – I’m sucking up – but it is amazing)  That list is for the materials I have on hand.  I might try for a few more mana – maybe run through Chelsith and see if I can get some masters.  Hmmm, come to think of it, I haven’t seen many masters drop lately.  Anywhere.

And it’s one week until Guild Wars 2.  A little nervous.  I bought it the other day – so I can do the headstart.  I am very wary of it though.  Hubby is beyond excited.  I really don’t think I’m capable of playing it.  I don’t think my brain works that way.

Won’t get a lot of play time in this weekend – our oldest goes off to college on Sunday – so that is about 10-12 hours taking her there, getting her settled and driving back.  And we have about 5 more episodes of Grey’s Anatomy to watch before she goes.




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