Erollisi Day!

I’ve been waiting for Erollisi Day!  It’s one of my favorite Norrathian Holidays.  Right up there with Tinkerfest (though nothing is better than Tinkerfest!)

Caely will love all the purple items!  EQ2Traders has some pictures.  And I see a white (silver?) rose for Snowilla.

Speaking of Snowilla…  I realized last night I could have made her a Fae and started in New Halas – you know, where all the SNOW is.  Of course Fae’s are… well.. weak.  They all have bad hair.   But I could do a race change potion to the more fashionable Arasai.  Or, I could betray Snowilla.  She’s only lvl 10.   And I have only done the New Halas newbie quests once (not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing).  And New Halas has fabulous housing!

Ultimately I would like a very large house in New Halas with a room for each of my main toons:

Caely – Purple Room!

Caela – Tinkered room

Fleabeaux – Flowers and butterflys

Snowilla – Snow – duh…

Febbi – Kitchen

JumJumm – halfling/kelethin type room – colors orange/yellow

And a crafting room.  I know – that’s 7 rooms.  I think the largest house is 6 rooms.  I might have to the crafting room in the kitchen…

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