Everything I Ever Wanted to Know About Terrors of Thalumbra

Everything I ever wanted to know about Terrors of Thumbalina errr Thumbra… no…  Thulumbra – still not right.

Old habits die hard…  Ok – Everything  I (or maybe even you) ever wanted to know about Terrors of Thalumbra!   I still get a squiggly red line under it when I’m writing.  I just say Thumbalina – all. the. time.  But I want people to find the info they are looking for, so I’m forcing myself to write Thalumbra.  Thalumbra.  T h a l u m b r a  Thalumbra!  If you say it three times fast, does Kander appear in the mirror?  Or is that only if you are sucking on a  wintergreen lifesaver?

Ok, enough musing of a rattled gnome – let’s get down with Thalumbra! (see, I can say it)

First things – thisThalumbra Map is not going to be rehashing anything that is already out there.  Instead, I’ll just link to all the stuff I found.  It seems pretty scattered on the interwebs.  But I like having it on one page.  I’m doing this  more for me than you…


Bookmark this map now, it will save you a bunch of time to have this labeled map open.  Sure, EQ2Maps has the regions marked, but who wants to search or hover over tiny dots?  I found it at EQ2Wire, but believe it’s from EQ2i.  At any rate, I didn’t make it.


Signature Quests

Head over to EQ2i and follow the signature quests – they have good write ups with waypoints.  You will need the waypoints and the map because Eq2 got rid of the blue quest updates and areas.  I’m sad.  It sucks.  I cried.  I didn’t play for weeks because of it.  OMG, I was going to have to think!  Sometimes gnomes have too much stuff in their brains and they don’t want to think about where some obscure rock is located.  They just want to find a blue dot and fly there.  But EQ2i has our back – and they have all the info you need.  Really,  you can figure out most of it if you read the quest text.  But I know, a good 82.3% of you don’t read the quest text.

Ok, so go do the adventure and crafting signature quests (if you do both, you get a special surprise by being able to see special shinies in the dungeons.)

Adventure Signature Questline

Crafting Signature Questline

Side Quests

While you are doing the Adventure Signature line, do the side quests.  That’s where you get faction and some upgraded gear.  They are listed at the same link above.  But, if you are like me (a scatterbrained gnome) you may get confused (gnomes confused???).  And turns out you are missing a few quests for the Achievement Quest Over-Achiever in Terrors of Thalumbra – you  have to do all the quests in Maldura and Thalumbra.  And you don’t know what you are missing or where the quest is.  You may even begin to weep when you see the reward  you get (Crystallized Cosgrove Pendant).  Here’s what you need to do.  Go to EQ2U and find your character.  If  you have not already registered and added your characters to the home page, you really should – it’s nice to be able to see everything about your character in all it’s glory while you are at work waiting for your lunch to be delivered (or while you should be finishing up that report).

On your character page, go to the Quest Tab. Click on the yellow box “Switch to _____  Quest Checklist”.  Now, using the drop down box, choose Thalumbra.  This was the hard part for me because I was looking for Thumbalina… or even Thulumbra.  But it’s Thalumbra – just hit the key T and it will get you pretty close.  You’ll see all the quests you have completed and the ones you still need to do.  Some are repeatable and you don’t need to do those for the achievement.  Click on a quest, and it tells you a little about it, and you can click on Lookup this quest on Wikia for the full walk through.  Don’t click on the Zam link.  It won’t have the info you are looking for (well, if you are using this info for older expansion content, it might, but not for ToT) (Thanks to guildmate Thorlar for the tip!)


Ok, now that you have finished all the quests and gotten some gear, you might be wondering about the next step… are there other things to do?  Why yes….  first up – content:

Overland Timed Quests

These are just like those quests in AoM where you found an item and it triggered a timed quest.  You get dirty keys which can turn into loot.  EQ2Wire has a great write up on them written by Faelen Rizzek  It’s all you need to know.

Guide to Timed Quests in Thalumbra

Why do you want to do these?  They give you status, loot, and Queen Coins.  And some of them are ridiculously easy to do and don’t take much time at all.


Like in past expansions there are a number of instances that come in different flavors – Advanced Solo, Event Heroic, and Heroic.  There are also raid instances.  And they all have missions.  You’ll find a mission for each zone, plus a daily and a weekly.  You get Queen Coins and loot.  The loot can be an item or an infuser (we’ll talk about infusers later)

Head over to EQ2i for a list with links to walk throughs.

Terrors of Thalumbra Dungeons

Collections and Lore & Legend

There are more shinies than you can shake a stick at!  There are also some new L&L quests.


Lore & Legend

Ok, now that you have the what to do down, you might be wondering about other stuff – like how to make your gear better, or adornments, or deity stuff.  Well, here you go.


You may have gotten some infusers while doing quests or dungeons.  I don’t know much about it all – right now, I’m just collecting them.  I’m waiting on better gear.

But here is a nice guide – Konofo’s Infusion System Overview

Infusing from a Crafter’s perspective

Pro tip!  Got gear you don’t need? Salvage it for infuser fragments. You’ll need a bunch to craft infusers.


There is also a new system for Deity – and I also don’t know all the stuff about that – except as you fight, you get tithe points and those can go into either new (temporary) abilities or permanent stat increases.  So far, I’ve just dumped all my tithe points into Potency.  I like to make things go boom.

Deity System Writeup


Ok, but what about adornments?  Should I be looking at those too?

White adornments? No – there are no upgrades to those.

Green Adornments – yes! You will want to get yourself some of those.  Green Adornments must be crafted by people with the recipe.  But you’ll get drops from zones that look like shinies, but they aren’t.  The new green adornments at lvl 0 are better than the previous ones at full power.  No brainer.




Purple adornments – you will get some as drops, and some can be crafted – they are better by tier than the AoM purple adornments – so they are worth chasing after.  The MasterCrafted purple runes need a Blank Umbrite Rune – which costs 4 Artificer coins from doing the crafting stuff.  So get to crafting!

Guild Stuff

So, what about all the new guild stuff.  Guilds can level to 150  now – and instead of getting more useless junk for the guild hall, you get a guild buff.  As the guild levels, the buff gives you more stuff, like stat increases, mount speed buffs, Crit Chance increase.  See the full(ish) list:

Guild Buff

Bad news – you can no longer grind your guild up to level 150.  After lvl 100,  you have to get status doing other stuff.  But it’s stuff you do anyway.  The guild I’m in is lvl 120, and it’s just by doing quests and stuff.  Quests and missions give you a good bit of status.  You are going to need status.


You will receive coins for doing missions and crafting quests.  There is a Coin of the Eternal Queen (adventure) and a Coin of the Grand Artificer (crafting). The Queen coins will get you various things.

Coin of the Eternal Queen Mission System –  Basically, you get them from doing instances.  You’ll notice the “Spending” section is blank.  They know as much as I do.  I know there is one merchant by the mission givers in Thalumbra – he has a few things.  There is a nice belt, but needs 1,000,000 status and 1,000 plat.  I don’t need it that bad.  There are some other (temporary) things – but if I’m saving up for that belt, I’m not spending it on some temporary adornment.  So I really don’t know the thought process behind that, or the strategy to best put it to use.  You are on your own.  Let me know if you figure it out.

Coin of the Grand Artificer – you get these from doing crafting quests – and I don’t know yet what they are used for except for that Blank Umbrite Rune.


Crafters get new recipes, including adornments, furniture, and infusers among other things.

Another crafting timeline

Daily and weekly crafting quests

Harvests – I’ve updated the All in One spreadsheet – Tradeskill Resources

Ok, so that’s all I know so far.  As I learn stuff, I’ll add it.

Special thanks to the folks at EQ2i, EQ2Wire, EQ2Traders and EQ2 Library

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