Febbi is not amused

Febbi is now a newly leveled 95 Provisioner.  After finding the perfect tradeskill UI she set about leveling up from 92 to 95.  Wasn’t hard.  At all.  And there are no tradeskill quests in this expansion – so that’s a little disappointing (Insert “I miss Domino” here).

But I was excited to see what new food Febbi can make.  Turns out Febbi can make new food, but why should she?


I made some mage food – Febbi knows she has lots of magey sisters and they are hungry!  Comparing the stats above – the “Fancy Food” (the food from the apprentices – lvl 90 are all Ambrosial) has better stats.  But it’s only 30 minutes long.  The other two are regular provisioner food – and 5 hours in duration – and all are examined by a lvl 92.  The Fruit Basket will not getting any better, but the Fruit Pie should get a little better on stats at lvl 95, but I don’t think it will get to the Fancy Food level of stats (I’ll revisit this if Caely ever gets to 95).

The Fancy Food also wins on cost per duration.  The two regular 5 hour foods cost the same – 4gold, 50 silver – or 1s,50c per minute of duration.  You can find these foods on the broker selling for nearly that cost.  The Fancy Food?  It costs just 26c per minute of duration.  But they sell for more on the broker…  Go figure.  Best bet – be nice to your local provisioner and see if she’ll make you some Fancy Food.

SOE also made the Fancy Food examine window just slightly smaller…  maybe that’s where the cost saving is from.

So, I’m not seeing much reason to level up.  Except for a personal sense of satisfaction.  I can now make 1000’s of food items in one combine – but really don’t see the need, you certainly can’t make money on the broker, and the normal combines make 10 at a time, which is really good enough unless you have an entire army to feed.  I’ll be using an AA mirror to swap into a spec with the harvesting goblin – that way I can do both.  But you can get that goblin without leveling past 92.

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