Flea Fails

Whew!  It’s been a while since I made a post.  I’m still playing EQ2 – nearly every day – though that’s slowing down a bit.  I’m getting into one of our busier times of the year.  But still manage to log on nearly every night – but don’t always get to do a group.

With Flea being my new main, I’ve decided to do the stupid, long ass, mostly solo CoE signature quest. (Why you ask? Because I want the cloak!)  I am up to Shades of Drinal: Puzzle Pieces – which is doing a series of instances that can be done either solo or with a group.  Specifically, I’m on Wurmbone’s End instance – and Flea keeps getting her butt kicked by All-Blocker Mohngu.  Which is weird.  I don’t think he’s supposed to be that hard.  I can find precious little about him, and what I do find says “kill him” – basically a tank and spank.  But what keeps happening is that 3 other mobs, from down the tunnel behind him  (can’t even see them when I start fighting) come running in to help him.  I tried by-passing him so I could kill the other mobs that keep joining in, but he would agro every time – so it appears I have to kill him first – which brings the mobs.  I’m sure I’m doing something wrong.  There is a reason I don’t solo…  I don’t remember him from when I did the zone on Caely.  I did the advanced solo zone with a friend – and we had some trouble with a few mobs – but he wasn’t one of them – is he new?

But at any rate, Flea is working through the quest line.  Hopefully she’ll be able to finish it before the next expansion.  Speaking of finishing before the next expansion – Flea was not on the radar to play back during the DoV expansion, so she did none of that content.  But, it became clear I needed the mount that comes from Underdepths.  So I did the Sky Shrine quest line on her and just need to do the UD zone to get the mount.  Hopefully I can get that done soon.

But Flea failed in other ways this past week as well.  Hearts a’Flutter is kicking my butt (on all my toons – so apparently, it’s the driver).  This is a race around Antonica or Commonlands to gather up hearts.  There is a new achievement for getting 100 hearts.  I long gave up on that.  Eighty hearts will get you a nifty red rose topiary – but I can’t even get that.  The best I have done is around 68 hearts.  I’ve used all the tips I could find.  Make  yourself larger – I put on an  illusion – but the illusion drops once you get on the special race mount.  I increased my ground mount speed – but it seems the cap is is 150%.  The one thing that did seem to help was to get the quest, and then wait before beginning it until the hearts start to show up.  That, and running the race when no one else is on.  But still 68 is my max.  I did manage to get the other achievements, which were crafting related.  And on Caely, she’s giving out roses – she’s on the quest to give out 1000 roses and has completed the Romeo’s Got Nothin’ on Me achievement.  I’m not sure what you get when you complete the 1000 quest.

purple disk

Last night, a guide came to Butcherblock and activated the Aether Race in Thundering Steppes.  That race gives out the purple C.R.A.S.H. disk.  Just what Caely needed to complete her purplishness.

Flea did get some new equipment – she’s mostly in all Steward Obol gear.  Her crit is up to 397% unbuffed.  And she parses pretty good on named fights.  Trash, and AoE fights she still does pretty poorly – but if the fight lasts more than a few seconds, she really starts to shine.

Next up – I think I’ll try once again to decorate a house.  Flea has a nice New Halas house, and lots of things to decorate with – along with a sale on furniture in the marketplace.


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