Flea Gets a Makeover

I’m really thinking of dusting off my conjuror.  Fleabaux was my first “main”.  This was back when the level cap was 70 – Kingdom of Sky era.  I actually raided with her some.  And she was decent.   Me and the raid’s necro would fight over the top of the parse.  Of course I don’t think we had a regular wizard at the time.  It was, for the most part, fun.  As fun as raiding ever gets.  It’s a shame raiding comes with a lot of drama.  Not that I don’t sometimes miss raiding.  I do.  But I certainly wouldn’t want to do it full time.


Flea was really an accidental toon.  One day Mican (the hubby) and I had a bright idea of creating evil rats and betraying them – the “new” system of betrayal had just been introduced – we had done it the old way, and thought itwould be fun to try the new way.  He was going to start off as an assassin – and become a swashbuckler (just wait for it).  I wasn’t all that interested in this little endeavor, as I don’t do alts.  But it was something new to do.  And I had always wanted to make a woodworker – so I could use her for tradeskills.  So I made my little rat and took the first name from the name generator – Fleabaux.  Is that not a perfect name for a rat?  We got through the betrayal quests and became proud citizens of Qeynos.  Only, Mican’s rat didn’t become a swashbuckler – he became a ranger.    I don’t think he ever played that toon again.  But I kinda liked the conjuror.  She actually stuck.  And soon she was my highest level toon.  She was the first one to get to a level cap.  I’ve played other toons since – namely a dirge and my wizlock – but I think Flea is my first love.

During my time playing on the Freeport server, I copied her over – and again got her to level cap.  But I didn’t really play her much – she was just there.  When the game became F2P and we were able to transfer toons off of Freeport, I transfered her back to Butcherblock – so I had two Fleas.  I changed the higher level toon’s name to Fleabeaux (added the e in the middle).  Like I said, I don’t do alts, and the thought of getting another 10 levels on her was less appealing than paying $25 (which was all double and triple station cash at the time).  But I didn’t really play her.  Concentrating instead on my “wizlock”.

So, with the double xp weekend, I got her up to lvl 95 and 320 AA – but she has pretty crappy gear and spells.  I hope to get that fixed soon.  She’s almost ready for prime time.

I also took advantage of the Station Cash rebate and got her a new outfit.  I think it looks great on her.  She was a “blue” girl – her color was blue – but I love this robe on her – so I may have to re-think her color choice.  And it matches her new lvl 95 fire pet!  Oh how I love the fire pet.  No more cat – and no more tripod rock thing (what was that thing?).  The other thing I really like about this robe is that it doesn’t show the knobby Ratonga knees!

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