Getting Back

The past two weeks have been sorta crazy for me.  I signed up with the Butcherblock Guild Alliance in order to raid a little.  They seem like a good bunch.  But right after I signed up, I found out my dad was very sick.

He has had Lymphoma for the past year.  Did 6 rounds of chemo and was pronounced cancer free.  But his back started hurting shortly before Thanksgiving.  Doctor did all sorts of tests and said the cancer was not back.  Then in January, they did even more tests and said that yes, the cancer was back – and started up on chemo again.  But by the beginning of March they said the cancer was just too aggressive and was terminal.  He had 3-4 months to live.  That was on a Wednesday.  By the following Tuesday he was in the hospital again, this time, barely able to function.  I spent every day up at the hospital for over a week.  He got sick very quickly.  Within just a few days he was unable to stay awake but for a few minutes, hold anything, or talk.   On Thursday March 14th he died.  His funeral was this past Saturday.

Up until today, I didn’t really know if I was coming or going.  And I tend to stress eat – so I had large amounts of chocolate.  But I managed to go on my first BGA raid today with Fleabeaux.  Raiding seems to be a good stress reliever too.  The time of the Sunday raid works out really well – 1:45pm my time – I’m usually not doing anything on Sunday afternoons.  The raid leader was good – no nonsense – explains things well, and gets the job done.  The other members seem really nice too.  Not a single one called me a noob.  But I think I held my own ok.  Keep in mind, I don’t have any raid gear.  I have nothing with red adornments.  My best gear is the Steward gear.  I didn’t top the parse by any means.  But I was frequently 4, 5, or 6th on the parse.  I don’t know what I’m supposed to be parsing – but I think given my gear, I’m doing ok.

But the main thing is, I had fun.  It was a new experience – got to see some encounters I had not seen before.  And eventually I might be able to upgrade some gear.

Hopefully things will settle down a bit and I can get back to normal.






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