Meh.  I really really really wanted to be excited about this GU.  But so far, I’ve been hit with a wall of  meh.  Not really about the game though.  I was on all of about 10 minutes.  It’s the entire logging on that has me in a standstill.

Spring time at the Fizzletoes is very busy.  Add in that we just moved, and I’m trying to get more exercise, and I don’t have time to eat dinner much less play EQ2.   I’ll have another post about some exercising and dinner strategies that have been working for me.

I did manage to get into the game last night.  Logged on and got an achievement – and I didn’t even really look at it, so no clue what it was – maybe it was for AA, as I went from 271 to 306 – yeah, I know partaking in some of the double xp on Easter Weekend would have gotten me a few more AA and I would have been at 320 – but I’m busy these days!  The AA bump is nice – now I have some 35 AA I need to spend.

I headed off to Withered Lands – it was easy enough to get there because I had read up at EQ2Wire how to get there.  And then I started doing a quest here and there.  Didn’t finish any of them except the first one that is basically just go there, talk to the guy.  I got a whopping .8% xp for a discovery and the quest turn in.  I think xp is going to be pretty slow.  Which means I may be lvl 90 for the next 6 months 🙂  I did see several players that were already 92.  No one in my guild – everyone was still 90, but we are a working man’s guild – most of our members don’t get on until the evening – so I don’t think they had much opportunity to level up.

So, here are some handy links I’ve found about the update – I’m hoping to be able to play some more soon.  But kickball is taking up a good amount of my time these days.  I usually go straight to the fields at 6pm every day, get home around 8pm, and then walk 2-3 miles until 9pm every day.  Just doesn’t leave much time to do anything.

EQ2Wire GU63 FAQ

EQ2 Zam’s Withered Land Quest Series

EQ2 Traders GU63 Crafting Info


I wish I had more time to check it out, I really do.  I also canceled my recurring sub.  However, I have enough station cash to cover the sub when I decide I have enough time to play.  Or I can just charge the card again.  I know I’ll be back by June.  Things should settle down – unless of course I decide to coach the All Star team – that will keep me busy through July!


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