Guild Night is Back!

Had so much fun last night with the guild.  We decided Wednesday was a good time for us all to get together and do some mass killing.  We pre-arranged to all be on at 7-ish.  Around 6:30 I tried to log on and the servers were down.  But luckily they came up before 7 and sure enough we had enough for a group on by 7.

We decided to hit Halls of the Betrayer in ToV.  I took out my wizlock (I’ve been contemplating betraying her back to a wizard) for a whirl…  So the DPS was probably pretty low last night.  I did not run ACT – I didn’t want to get depressed 🙂  But we managed through the zone mostly fine.

I noticed some changes I”m going to have to read up on – I got my etyma’s, and I think two crates – then it gave me a choice of crates for different types of armor (which is nice if I was getting gear for an alt).  I don’t think I actually got anything out of the other crates though.  I’m just not really sure what I got.

Playing the warlock was fun – I may try her out a little more before I decide to switch back to wizard.   I’m definitely going to have to go back to warlock school 😉  I made the mobs poof once – they did come back, but the tank was all “where did my mobs go?” and I was all like “ooops…”

But more than just killing mobs and taking their stuff, I got to hang out with my friends.  It was a great night of killing and visiting and I really hope we can start doing it more regularly.  I will settle for every Wednesday, but if we could get another day or two in there as well would be even better!

During our guild night we talked about Vegas – we are not going to have too much overlap time – but it will be fun what time we have.  I’m really looking forward to going to Las Vegas and spending some time with my husband and seeing the sites.  And now it’s really going to happen – as I booked our non-refundable airline tickets yesterday on Southwest.  I got a really good deal – just $202 each round trip, and that includes two checked bags each.  I told hubby we needed to get a new suitcase.  We’ve been using duffle bags from sports tournaments for years.  We did get one set of luggage a couple of years ago but the kids have taken a few pieces and it’s not enough for both of us for 8 days.



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