Hanging with Snow

So I spent some time with Snowilla last night.  Not that I really wanted to.  I did it to finish the Brewday quests before they go away.  I managed to

finish like two of them.  Enough to get credit on my Festival Spirit achievement.

At one point though I was flying around Thundering Steppes.  Taking the griffon from Thundermist Village to the Docks.  I have a bad habit of getting on a transportation device, then pulling up a webpage and forgetting I’m playing the game.  Usually it’s ok.  But if I minimize the game, instead of maximizing the browser, my character stays put while the world keeps going.  I’ve noticed my clock gets off too when I do this.  Can get very confusing.  But apparently last night, I minimized the game – and the griffon took off, and left poor Snowilla hanging.  Sorta like Jesus there…

Had a heck of a time getting out of it.  Could not move.  Could not camp.  Have no evac – so was left with trying to call home.  I tried, I swear, 20 times – I would get interrupted every time.  Sometimes I would get interrupted just at the end.  I could cast other spells though, so I kept trying.  Finally I was able to do it.  Not sure what was interrupting me.

The guild got on and wanted to go to Throne of Storms, so I hopped on Caely and went with them.  It was a nice group.  I got to make a joke about balls.  That is always fun.

Also took my shot at The Lottery – got some potions.  Not as bad as 20 commons, not as good as a reactant.  I just know I’m due any day now!




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