Hot Bar Crafting

I may be late to the party, but just in case others are, here is my super duper crafting tip of the day (I do these like every 3,489 days, so don’t expect one tomorrow).

You can drag recipes from your recipe book right to your hot bar.  Then you just have to click the icon near the crafting station and it’s all right there waiting for you.  No more typing!




Here are two of my crafting hot bars – as you can see the one with the recipes on the top just has the three daily quests from the Cardin Ward (I just figured this out yesterday!).  I’m sure I’ll fill it up before too long with recipes I craft every day.  Wait.  That would mean I craft every day.  Sorry.    The second bar is mostly the prestige crafting stations.  I get these on all my crafting girls so I don’t have to carry around portable stations and I don’t have to hop back to the guild hall.  I also put some other “crafty” type abilities on this hot bar – transmuting, gathering goblin and pony, track shinies (that is all you use it for, right?) and that looks like a Jin’tu leaf.  I’m sure I used it once.

In other crafting tips (yeah, I should save this for 3, 489 days from now, but I’m feeling generous), here is a list of stuff you need if you are as lazy as I am.  These supplies will allow you to craft all the daily/weekly quests that reward you with Etyma’s as well as craft the “Sturdy” items your apprentice might need (at lvl 95).

Keep in  your inventoryEQ2_000128


  • plump lychee
  • ripe mangosteen
  • white peony tea leaf
  • matoppie root
  • thick bear pelt
  • amethyst
  • rhenium ore
  • iridium cluster


  • effulgent coal
  • effulgent filament
  • effulgent kindling
  • effulgent incense

Keep in a Depot in a crafting house

You do have a crafting house, right?


  • Thick bear pelt
  • matoppie roots
  • rhenium ore
  • swamp ash lumber


  • effulgent coal
  • effulgent filament
  • effulgent sandpaper


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