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That’s Caela in her sexy hot pink chef’s uniform!  Was finally able to get to 400 in cooking.  It wasn’t as easy as they make it out to be.  I was not high enough in level to just go buy peaches.  Peaches are a Karma food, so you have to be able to first travel to Fireheart Rise, but then you have to do the heart.  That was not going to happen with my lvl 50 elementalist.

First, I set out to level up and get the peaches myself.  I put on my big girl clothes and headed out to various areas in Tyria.  I had no idea where Fireheart Rise was at the time… and I managed to go the wrong way 🙂  Finally figured it out – got through Iron Marches – which is not a bad run through the zone, picking up the waypoints along the way.  But Fireheart Rise was a whole nother matter.  Yes, “nother” is a real word in Texas.

Fireheart Rise is probably my least favorite zone in the entire game.  Ok, maybe Bloodtide Coast ranks pretty high up there too.  I ventured into Fireheart Rise, only to quickly die.  I decided I needed some leveling up.  I got to 60, but still couldn’t survive long at all in Fireheart Rise.

So, I did the next logical thing a girl in my shoes would do.. I bought my way to 400. Who can argue with shopping?  While you can’t buy peaches, you can buy bowls of peach pie filling.  I also bought the balls of dough, which are easy enough to make – just flour and water – but buying them off the TP was much cheaper.  The crafted cost of a ball of dough is 16 copper a piece.  I bought them for 5 copper each.  I now have more peach pies than one cute Asura needs.  Anyone hungry?

After finishing up the cooking, I was about lvl 62.. maybe 63.  Which got me the necessary 100,000 xp for the Monthly Achievement.  But I would also need to go into the World v World v World maps and kill a few.. 50…  people.   Let’s just say, that experience is worth a whole nother post.


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