I am Jello!

I’ve been trying to exercise more – which also limits my play time even further.  I’ll get back to playing someday… I do plan to check out GU63 next week.

But we have a one mile walking loop in a park very close to our house.  I’ve now walked it three times.  I’m planning on doing it about 5 times a week.  Working up to three miles a day.

I did two miles on Monday – wasn’t bad.  I said at the outset I was only doing 1 mile on Tuesday, especially since I had also done an hour of kickball practice – “Coach Tami, you are sweating!”.  But the rest of the group went for the second mile, so I did too.  And I was Jello when I got home.  Completely and totally worn out – couldn’t even walk.  Just collapsed on the sofa.  Watched a little bit of TV.

Hopefully I can continue walking – maybe making some healthy meals and losing about 20 lbs in the process.

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