I am so adorable!

Shortly after I got off work tonight I got a notice that the GW2 Stress Test was going to be extended by an hour (not that I look at facebook while driving!  No sirree Bob, not me!) – this meant, that with the right traffic, I could get in an hour of play time!

So we rushed home (and no, no speeding was involved – it was more like going 20 miles an hour on the freeway with all the traffic around here) and immediately started playing.  Unfortunately Hubby and I could not get on the same server.  His server was full and I could not select it – I had to go to another server, and he could not create a new toon on my server.  So that part sucks.

I immediately made an Asura Elementalist.  I didn’t not pay any attention to what she looked liked.  I didn’t change anything from the defaults.  I was only going to be on for an hour and that toon will be wiped, so it made more sense to just dive right in.  Otherwise, I would be all decked out in purple and even more adorable than I already was.

The first 10 minutes of the game sucked.  Really, tremendously sucked.  I had no clue what I was doing – and the game was popping up help windows and talking and moving a map around and circling things – it was fairly overwhelming.  Then I was told to go kill a golem – but there was no golem and then it cut to a movie and a big bad monster was there, but before I could get my bearings it was dead – then another movie – and Oy!  Oh my, I just thought there was no way I was going to be able to do this.  I’m not a power gamer.  I’m sure if you have read just about anything I read, and especially about the part where I was just happy to beat the healers on the DPS parse – and I could only beat another dps class when they went to the kitchen…  you know I take it slow and easy and just want to hang out and have fun.  I’m not efficient… not fast…  and well, I think this game may be smarter than me…  But… and this is a big but (maybe I should put that in big letters….  It got better.  After that first push I was able to go at my own, much slower pace.  I was able to look around.  Look at the different screens.  Kill a few critters.  I even participated in a few dynamic events (and got a gold medal!) and filled up two hearts.  And it was fun.  And I didn’t even freak out at the invisible floating eyeballs over my head.  I did remap two keys – the left and right arrows – instead of strafing, they turn me.  Third person was actually doable – and not at all disorienting.  It also helped that I was adorable.  I mean really really adorable.  (I’m modest too)

They even extended the stress test another hour.  I was able to get up to lvl 4 and did part of my personal story.  I explored the city – and even took up cooking – though, I didn’t have any ingredients.  So I didn’t check out the whole crafting thing at all.

But I did dance!  Each race has their own unique dance – Asura is the Robot – another race does a bollywood dance – another the Haka…  Just really cute.

I’m really looking forward to the launch of the game.  A little more than I thought I would.  Ooops.  I’ll leave you with some screen shots of my dancing (I need to figure out how to do video!).  Please remember, this is not representative of how awesome my toon will look at launch 🙂

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