I have a dirty secret

I have seriously been writing this post over several days.  Over a week actually.  But I’ve been pretty busy playing the game!  I apologize before you start reading if it’s all disjointed.

Wednesday and Friday I went out with the guild group on Caely and started work on the Skyshrine Quest Series.  We completed a good many quests, just a few more to go – maybe another night.  But I always enjoy just hanging out with the gang and being silly.  I did manage to ding 92!  And finished the night up with 318 AA.

On Saturday and Sunday I worked like crazy on my transmuting.  I went from basically nothing to being able to squish lvl 92 items.  The first 60 levels (squishing lvl 60, I don’t know what that is in actual skill points) were the hardest.  I didn’t have much to squish.  I would buy some, and used some rares to make some mastercrafted items.  At lvl 40ish, I went to Runnyeye and got a few items – but not a whole lot.  It finally broke open for me at lvl 60 though.  I mentored to 65 and went to Sanctum of Scaleborn and just blew everything up to pieces.  That was fun.  Run into a room, throw my AoE, and they all fall down.  My only problem was Stamper Jeff.  My Inquisitor Merc.  He was fairly worthless.  But he would stop and fight the first guy so that I would have to run through the room, then go back to where he was to blow everything up.  I would tell him not to protect me and for a while he wouldn’t attack, but then he would go back to his old bad habit.  Maybe SOE made these mercs too much like people.

Monday night I managed to get a quick session in with the guild group.  We went back to Skyshrine and I finished up the series and got some new shoes!  What girl doesn’t love new shoes?  Other than a little bit of gear (and I do mean little), I’m not sure why you want to do the Skyshrine quests. I’m sure there is a reason.  Maybe faction – but what does the faction give you?  And access to zones – I guess you can then do the instances?  Why do I want to do the instances?  Just something to do?  Gear drops?  I do like jewelry.  Jewelry and shoes – you can never go wrong.  Remember that guys.  Oh – and also remember (you know, while I’m giving advice) – when your “significant other” (whatever form that takes) says “What?” – she heard you.  She’s giving you a chance to change your answer.

Oh, and on Monday I also got my last AA point.  320.  I have never, ever, in any game, at any time been maxed out on XP.  And I guess this time, I’m not either – I’m only lvl 50 Carpenter.  I guess I should tackle that.  And tinkering.  Tinkering is rather poor – like 60.   Hmmm – well, according to EQ2U, my tinkering is 73.  So there.  Not as bad as I thought.

Oh, I have more to say, but I need to get to the work that pays the bills – and well, I’ve put this little post off for far too long.  So I’m just going to hit Publish and hope for the best 🙂

Oh – p.s.  I played The Lottery.  Got bamboo shoots.

p.p.s.  I didn’t even get to the dirty little secret.  I’m such a fail.










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