I promise to do better

Two posts in May.  I am such a slacker.  In fact, I already have a half written post entitled “I am a slacker”.  I have about 5 half written posts that are just laying around in draftland.  I have spent a lot of time updating the backend of the blog.  I changed the theme, and I hope it is easier to read.  I wanted something a little “lighter” and fresher.

I don’t have a really good excuse for not posting more – I’m a little busy at work (or rather the people around me are busier, so I need to look busy, and writing blog posts does not make me look like I’m busy doing actual work).  I’m busy at home – kickball season has started – but I have not taken on a leadership role, so I’m just watching my kids play.  I am playing a lot more EQ2 – so you would think I would post more.  But do you really want to know I got another round of booby prizes?

I have decided to start being a little more focused in my play time.  I’ve always been a “one toon gal” – only developing one toon at a time.  But that may change as I spend a little bit of game play time for other toons.

For example – I’m working on learning how to play my healer.  So I’m going to try to take her for a spin occasionally.  Right now, I’m playing her when I go duoing with my husband’s beastlord Arazmus.  And if there comes a time the guild group doesn’t actually need a healer (or dps), I might ask to bring her to try healing.

And I now have 5 lvl 95 crafters – 2 provisioners (don’t you judge me), an alchemist, a carpenter, and a woodworker.  So I thought I would work on my tailor.  She’s lvl 38 now.  I’m going to take it slow – but I’m going to do a little each day.  Try to do most of the tradeskill questlines on level.  We’ll see how it goes.

So, I hope to make a few more posts this summer.  Things tend to settle down in the summer before the busy fall starts. So I should have plenty of time to play EQ2!

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