I really miss Domino

So, I have been playing a bit, an I’ll get to Domino soon, but just hang on for the ride….  I’ve actually crammed a lot of doing in the past few days.  Friday I was up at the fields umping a game, and then headed over to our good friend’s house to help with graduation decorating.  Our friend’s daughter graduated high school at 8am in the morning!  I’m not sure who thought that was a good idea.  So Saturday morning we got up bright and early, and left the house 1 hour before we needed to be there.  The ceremony was in downtown Fort Worth – a 20 minute drive from our house.  So we should have gotten there plenty early.  Nope.  The highway was shut down due to an accident.  They eventually routed us to another highway going the opposite direction, so we had to turn around.  We ended up being 15 minutes late.  We were in the car over an hour.  After the ceremony, we were trapped in the parking garage for an hour.  I had had my fill of being in a car all before noon on Saturday.

But I did eventually get home on Saturday and started playing EQ2.  I bribed Donald to do a quest for me.  Scale Break.   Yeah, I’m not proud (well, a little that I figured out how to get past the quest using my womanly ways… ok, it involved making queso…)  The quest involves sneaking past some guards.  It’s best to do it in 3rd person.  And well, I don’t do 3rd person.  At all.  But Donald does, so all was good.  I was then able to proceed with the quest line and ended up getting my Empowered Cloak of the Lucianic Mage.  I know, I’m a bit late.  But it’s a better cloak than I was wearing.  And at my current level of participation it should last me a while.

I then took some time off the game and watched part of Hatfields & McCoys on the History Channel.  If you get the chance – watch it.  It was very good.  Then do some googling and get the facts to go with the fiction.  History Channel did a pretty good job, and I understand they had to compress some stuff and combine people, but the feud makes some good reading.

On Sunday, I played again.  This time I was going to work on the Withered Lands quests.  But I realized I had no food and drink.  So thought I would hop on Febbi and make some fancy food.  But then I got side tracked and thought I should go ahead and do the tradeskill quests on Febbi.  That took about an hour.  The tradeskill quests for GU63 are anemic at best.  It took me more time to find a list of Tier 10 food and drink than it did to do the quests (Here – let me save you the trouble… Tier 10 Food and Drink on EQ2Traders – Niami Denmother has it mis-linked on her website and I had to really dig for it.)  Six quests.  That’s it.  Maybe the time and effort went into the tradeskill items.  Though food and drink is pretty much just food and drink.  But I’m sure Domino would have had a much more lengthy quest line – something more engaging.  Something that took longer than a half hour.  And I got a silly cloak that won’t knock me out of the sky – yeah, really.  I have no need for that.  I don’t see me going back there.  I don’t even see me getting to 92 – what’s the point?  Maybe as they increase the levels past 92 we are in for some good stuff.  I can hope anyway.

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