I should be crafting

I’ve got this entire Saturday to myself.  So I thought I would have a nice long EQ2 session.

I’ve been fairly productive.  Febbi did her crafting chores – only she couldn’t do the daily forgemaster faction quest.  It requires being able to harvest, and she doesn’t have the skill.  I’m sure I could get her skill up high enough – but she’s only lvl 24 adventurer, and that will take some sneaky harvesting.  Just too much effort.  But I did play the lottery – got a rare today.  Not a reactant, but a nice kaborite cluster.  I’ve been pre-making the combines – about 5 or so each time.  In a week I won’t have to craft at all to give that greedy little apprentice her new gear.  She’s rougher on clothes than teenagers!

I also ran Caely and Jumjumm through all the mushroom rings – ok, Jumjumm skipped the mosquito one.  That one is very annoying.  It’s one thing to one shot them on Caely, but it’s entirely different to try to kill them on a very low level defiler.  (Have you tried leveling a defiler?  I would rather poke my eye out with a spoon!).  So, Jumjumm just skipped that one.

So, here I sit, wondering what to do.  I’m sure the guild will get together and kill some giants later – we have the last zone of Kael Drakkel dominance left.   I should be crafting.  I should pop a little potion, and get down to doing writs and get a few levels.  In two hours, I could probably get 10 levels on Caely’s carpentering (that is a word!).  But instead, I’m watching The Guild….

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