I’m Getting Pooped On!

Yes, there are some things that you hope you only have to say in game.  Though with three children, I might have said that one out of game too.

Last night the guild wandered on kinda late.  I logged in early, but set about doing my taxes.  Yeah – not sure what possessed me.  Maybe because I got the bulk of the forms from the various entities we do business with in the mail that afternoon.  I wanted to see just how bad it was going to be.  Not actually file, because I figured we would owe a good chunk.  See, the IRS thinks you only spend money on  a kid for the first 16 years of their life.  The year the kid turns 17, you can no longer take the child tax credit (which is currently $1000 per kid).  But the kid is still eating all your food!  And driving your car!  And going out with friends!  Teenagers are far more expensive than babies.  Believe me.  If you think having a baby is expensive, just wait until that baby turns 16 and starts driving.  It’s like someone left the faucet on in your bank account – the money just disappears faster than you can make it.  Good thing they earn their keep by doing the dishes.   (I kid…  I love my kids regardless, but they still have to do the dishes… and laundry.)

So, anyway, using TaxAct, I entered in all the numbers from the vast amount of papers we had received and despite losing yet another child tax credit, we are getting a small refund.  Apparently all that money we sent to SFA can count for an educational tax credit.  There are several options, and right now, I’m not sure which one I took, as I just answered the questions on TaxAct and it figured out the best one.

Very happy to not be paying nearly $2,000 and instead getting a bit of a refund.  I say “bit” – it might fund a trip to the SOE Fan Faire this year! (Yeah, no details are known on the 2012 Fan Faire.)

Ok, where was I…  oh yeah, being pooped on.  When we all did manage to get online, we decided to work on the Coldain Ring quest.  It was a nice surprise to be able to finish it.  Well, there is one more step – that entails completing the x2 ToFS zone. But anyway, one of the steps takes us to Pools.  And the first mob there drops these globs on you.  You have to keep moving him around to avoid the globs.  We call the globs poop.  So, I was getting hit and had to move and I said to the guild “I’m getting pooped on” – and we all agreed that was a fun thing to say.

I have found during my days in Norrath, I hear or say some of the strangest things you would never hear outside of game.


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