I’m not alone!

Last night we were in Throne of Storms – had a great time as usual.  I confessed to my guild mates that the previous night I was fighting along side them in my Cloak of the Carpenter.  Turns out I wasn’t the only one in my crafting gear.  Whew!  I wonder how often people adventure in their crafting clothes.  A guild mate suggested we make macros to change clothes…  I vaguely remember a UI mod that did that… I need to see if that still works.

We had some great conversation.  I learned that not everyone has the pleasure of getting a $2 chicken fried steak dinner at KFC on Wednesdays.  Yeah, it’s a lot like school cafeteria chicken fried steak, but it’s $2.  I fed the three of us at home for $6 – hard pressed to make supper these days for that, and I had the added benefit of no dishes.  For those that want to try it out, here is a recipe to make your own chicken fried steak.

I also learned that Californians think In-N-Out  is actually a good burger joint.  We have these now, and the line was incredibly long the one  time I went.  Totally overrated.  And am I the only one that thinks it’s weird to have to google a secret menu to be able to order correctly?

The night was fairly uneventful.  I was bottom of the dps parse again.  I’m going to have to figure out how to fix that.  I even spent a couple hundred plat on masters before we went out.  Let’s see I have the following that are at Expert – everything else is mastered:

81 Flames of Velious IV
82 Magma Chamber VII
83 Converge VI
83 Surge of Ro V
87 Cease VII
88 Fusion III
88 Ring of Ice V
88 Ro’s Blade VII
89 Tyrant’s Pact VII
89 Vital Transfer VII 

So most of my damage spells are mastered.  I’m currently researching Fusion and it should be done soon.

I think my biggest problem is lack of AA and lack of gear.  Oh, and adornments.  I need the better DoV adornments.  But that takes faction.  And yes, I know, if I do quests I’ll get AA and faction.   I’m working on it!

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