I’m Sexy and I Know It

It’s Valentine’s Day!  Last year Donald gave me flowers.  I actually got flowers twice last year.  Once after I had been sick and had just a really tough week, and then again on Valentine’s Day.  Maybe even on my birthday too.  I’m not sure – but he was really good with the flowers last year.  So I wasn’t expecting much this year.  No way would he repeat that!

And he didn’t!  We went out to dinner – and as an added bonus, at the restaurant we went to my two sisters happened to be there!  Total coincidence.  So we had a nice romantic dinner with my sisters (ok, not so romantic).  But it was nice catching up with them.  Finding out what my two nieces and my nephew were up to – how my BIL is doing (he’s still in the hospital).

Oh, I bet  you are wanting to know about the sexy part…  I sent an email to friend, asking him a question – the answer to which should have been “Yes”.  Instead, I get back “Sexy”.  Nice to know someone thinks I’m sexy!  Yeah, I’m thinking it was just an auto-incorrect – but I’m not seeing how you get sexy out of yes…

So, not a lot of EQ2ing tonight.  I did give out some roses on Caely.  I have 60 more to go to get a new title – Caely really loves her titles.  And another 1500 to complete the whole line.  I think “The Heartbreaker” would be awesome on Caely – Candy Catcher Caely The Heartbreaker – has a nice ring to it – on a pink unicorn (it’s close enough to purple)!  The cool thing about this quest is that you can continue it after Erollisi day is over.  I just have to get 1500 roses.

We worked on our snow babies a bit – Here is a picture of Snowilla spending Valentine’s day with Rataboom.

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